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How to overclock android?


Not every owner of an android can change it with each new version and begins to wonder how to overclock an android. Sometimes on the old android you have to use new applications that the old platform, as a rule, does not pull, freezes, turns off. The performance may slow down even if there are too many applications. In any case, sooner or later, there is a need to take measures to help your processor in order to keep up with more powerful devices. As an advantage of overclocking an android, you can indicate that this will increase the performance of the device. In addition, the operation of the device in applications and games will be simplified. But there are also disadvantages. As a result of overclocking, battery life may suffer. The battery charge will not be enough for a long time, and in operation it will heat up more. How to overclock the processor on android to increase performance? First you need to find out the full information about your android, since not all processors can have such overclocking. You can find out in more detail and quickly this on the thematic forums about a particular device, or on the website

It makes no sense to overclock 1 core processors. It may be better to continue using those applications that are within the power of a smartphone. Indeed, in some cases, irreparable damage to the device is not excluded. Please note that attempts will certainly affect system files. Initially, the OS is built in such a way that it does not involve interference. Native firmware is not designed for other speeds. And you need to select the firmware where the kernel was replaced. The description for it will indicate whether it is permissible to apply it to the android on its own. They must certainly be in applications created for overclocking android. For smartphones and tablets with this operating system, they are as close as possible in terms of interface and functionality:

  • AnTuTuCPU Master;
  • SetCPU.

How to get Root rights to overclock the processor on android? 

Please note that the use of these programs requires the presence of root-rights. There are many ways to get them, but you need to know which ones are suitable for a particular phone or tablet. It is worth noting that you can overclock a tablet on an android in the same way as a smartphone. Vroot supports a lot of devices, although it is quite easy to manage. In addition, it is constantly updated. It spoils the picture a little that it only supports Chinese, but simple controls smooth out this drawback.

Now Superuzer is displayed in the menu as a separate application. When starting the program, you must enable it with the right button.

How to overclock android?

Installation may not occur, which means it is better to reset the settings. In this case, it should be borne in mind that in this way all data is lost, in addition to those that are on the SD card. It is better to make a backup of the data before resetting.

Without root-rights, it is impossible to perform any actions. And with them, you can only adjust the maximum and minimum frequency within the normal range.

How to overclock an android smartphone with SetCPU?

SetCPU is available on Google play, but it is paid. But a lot of smartphone features become available.

As soon as the program turns on, the device will be analyzed and suitable ones will be selected automatically. Those who understand the topic can change the settings manually.

Watch a video about overclocking an android smartphone.

You just need to start with the “recommended" column. Having acquired root rights, confirming the recommended settings, the smartphone can be considered ready for overclocking.

How to overclock android?

The screen should show the current frequency and the active mode. As a rule, such programs have profiles for those who understand the smartphone device and can change the frequency according to the situation. If the android device system is not clear enough, it is better not to touch these settings. The minimum frequency can be increased to 128 or 245 MHz. More than a single-core processor simply will not pull. The process of changing the frequency should be gradual. If the process is going well, keep changing. This is the overclocking of the smartphone. The task is to find the minimum level. Also move to the maximum value. 1.6GHz is acceptable for single-core and 1GHz for multi-core.

Finally, you should check the CPU mode, recommended is ondemand/interactive due to greater convenience. It is preferable to select the item “Set on boot”. So SetCPU will start as soon as the system boots.

AnTUTUCPU Master for kernel overclocking on android

AnTUTUCPU Master is a sister program, with a paid and free form. Since the free one has a minimum required set, there is no point in buying a paid one. The interface copies SetCPU, but this program fully supports the Russian language. Profiles are also subdivided. For experienced users, the I/O Scheduler item in the menu under the “Advanced” column in the interface is more suitable. The program allows monitoring of voltage graphics performance. If there is no goal of getting maximum graphics, then you can click on ondtmand/interactive. The system will run mainly at low frequency and will only occasionally request overclocking. This way you can save charge and get maximum power.

If you are interested in how to overclock a tablet on the Android operating system beyond the starting capabilities, then you need to use custom firmware with a special kernel, where the high frequency of the Android processor is higher, then adjust the upper and lower values ​​in AnTuTu CPU Master. Kernels for specific devices can be found on forums about a specific device. They are installed using custom Recovery. After making adjustments, click "Apply", turn off and turn on the device. The settings will be applied.

How to overclock android?

The question of how to overclock an android video card was also asked by Nick Conors, together with MSI. A program has been developed to regulate

  • temperature regime
  • voltage
  • fan speed
  • cooling system.

At the presentation of the program, one could see how easy overlocking with Afterburner is. If you install the PC utility and connect the device via Wi-Fi, the status of the video card can be monitored continuously without the need to use it.

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