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How to promote a YouTube channel to get maximum subscribers


Today, only a very lazy person has not yet tried to earn extra money on the Internet. Man is a curious creature, loves to stare, listen, especially if he is shown and told something interesting and unusual. It’s much nicer than reading anything. Those who have already understood this have actively begun to shoot their videos and post them on the Internet. But this is not enough for success – you still need to be able to make sure that thousands and thousands of users watch your creation every day. How to advertise a YouTube channel in order not only to share useful information, but also to profit from it?

How to make your channel profitable

How to make money on a YouTube channel is a question that interests many. Because own channels are not uncommon. But the successful ones, who are viewed daily by thousands of users, subscribe to them and recommend further to their friends – the phenomenon is really not frequent.

How to promote a YouTube channel to get maximum subscribers

Regarding advertising and promotion, a lot of things have already been said on thematic forums. All advice and recommendations boil down, in principle, to two main ones:

  • you need to spread only really useful, interesting and reliable information;
  • content should be regularly added to and updated.

Your goal is for people not only to watch the videos, but also to want to subscribe to them. That is, the user must come to the conclusion that it is this channel that he needs, he wants to know everything that will be shown and discussed on it. There is one little trick here. If a whole series of videos of a similar theme is conceived (or they have already been filmed), you should not post everything at once. The viewer needs to be intrigued. To do this, it is better to issue information in parts. For example, 1-2 videos per week, no more.

Is it worth investing in promotion

It’s no secret that money can attract site visitors. The YouTube channel is slightly different from the website. It is not the number of visits and views that counts, but the real interest of people. If the user did not like what he saw, he will not subscribe to updates either. And no amount of money will help here.

How to promote a YouTube channel to get maximum subscribers

Another thing is that with the help of paid advertising, you significantly increase the likelihood that more people will know about your channel, perhaps be interested in it and want to subscribe. Once again, it’s worth repeating: the number of views is good, but even better is the number of subscribers. Views make only one video popular. And subscribers will watch all your calculations and recommend them further. Which is very likely to bring new subscribers.

A few extra tips for newbies

Promotion of a YouTube channel is not so difficult, but time-consuming. If you have already taken up it, then you cannot stop, otherwise they will quickly forget about you and switch to other, more interesting and informative resources.

One more thing to keep in mind: your channel should be user friendly. Most potential fans of your stories are simply too lazy to look for where to click and which link to follow to subscribe. But if you annotate the video with precise directions, the process becomes much easier and faster. An annotation can contain a call to subscribe or to watch another video of yours. Both of these are to your benefit. In any case, the viewer’s attention is kept on your channel, which was what was required to be achieved.

Also, do not forget about the obligatory biting and attractive title of the video, its detailed description and numerous keywords. It takes a little work, but it’s worth it if you want to make your channel really popular.