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How to properly charge a cell phone battery for the first time?


Before you start using, to the fullest extent, a new mobile phone or purchased cellular batteries, you should think about properly charging this device.

The first thing to do is to check the presence of a charge on the battery, if any, even a small one, in no case do not rush to plug the phone into a power outlet and rejoice, jump and quickly send Alla Pugacheva’s songs via bluetooth. First, you should completely discharge the battery of the mobile so that it turns itself off when it runs out of energy.  

Second: read the documentation attached to the device and find out the specific battery charging time.  

Third: in fact, connect the charger and plug it into the network. On average, a full charge of a mobile phone battery lasts from 10-18 hours. It all depends on the battery indicators: capacity, voltage, etc. Leave your mobile device on charge overnight, and, I would like to note, while charging, the phone must be turned off. This way, your battery will only be focused on storing charge, not distributing it across the cellular device.

If you notice that the battery indicator, on the auxiliary menu of the charging status, or the charger is full, then do not rush to pull the charger out of the socket. At the moment, the fast charge is completed and the accumulation of charge with a slow current begins.

To avoid damaging your battery and phone, do not leave your cell phone plugged in for more than 24 hours.

To fully prepare the battery and phone for operation, repeat these steps 2-3 times in a row and then your mobile device will be ready to serve you for a maximum of time even at low temperatures and heavy load.

Battery types – NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) – It is recommended to charge when fully discharged. It is not recommended to leave it connected to the network for a long time, this leads to a gradual decrease in its useful capacity.

Li-Ion (lithium-ion) – the longer the recharging time of this type of battery, the better and more useful it will be for him.

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