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How to properly make a connection between a pair and more computers?


In order to make a connection between a pair or more computers, laptops, you first need to buy a so-called switch – a router for a certain number of ports. Using a crimp wrench and RJ45 connectors, crimp the cable according to the scheme, for example, a twisted pair, and bring it from all PCs (personal computers) into a switch.

After that, you prescribe static addresses on all PCs, for example, on the first IP, naturally on the second and then change only the last digit. Write the standard subnet mask You specify the gateway which is hammered in a switch, a router. If you need to make a connection only on two PCs, then simply crimp the twisted pair in a mirror way, that is, change the first and second pair of your cable and directly stick it into both PCs. Then enter the IP address. You can also combine laptops or PCs into one network using a wireless connection with a Wi-Fi router, but this is not such an effective way, because Wi-Fi is not a secure means of exchanging information and connecting PCs, it also has the properties of losing connection with a particular laptop .

If you don’t know how to register the IP address of a PC or laptop, then I can tell you the path: Start – control panel – network and Internet connections – network connection – right-click on the network environment tab and you will see a window in which you select TCP / IP connection type, and in the window that opens, enter your data.

Communication between a PC is carried out using the following types of cable: twisted pair, coaxial cable, optical. Of these, the most common is twisted pair, as it is used in offices and at home. Its range is up to 100 meters, and already the optical one can be thrown anywhere, it is mainly used for long-distance cable laying. When connecting up to 10 PCs to one network, you can not specify the IP address on the machines at all, if more, then, of course, register so that there is no address conflict when one or another computer enters. For good performance and PC speed, it is desirable that all network cards be at least 100 Kbps.

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