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How to publish Stories on Instagram?


In order for Instagram users to feel comfortable on the site and be able to share interesting events from their lives with friends, the Stories feature is offered for them. Since this feature appeared relatively recently, many users still don’t even know which is correct: Stories or Stories, they ask a lot of questions on the forums about using Stories.

Instagram Stories: what is it?

The “Stories" function (in English versions “Stories”) allows you to create and post a photo, and add a video with text information, handwritten notes or emoji to it. This feature is designed to allow users to freely exchange information that is not particularly valuable. The duration of Stories on Instagram is exactly 24 hours. This is the feature of the function. This means that not very important and low-quality photos will not once again clutter up the news feed, and only interested users will be able to view them. These are stored for only one day and allow users to create and publish interesting videos and edited funny photos.

Stories (for those who do not know Stories or Stories how to write, it is worth noting that Stories is written) is very similar to Snapchat, but also has some differences from it. The function allows you to diversify the use of the network for those who are already tired of the usual posts on Instagram through a computer.

True, the function of musical accompaniment of the video is missing. However, it is still possible to voice the video. To do this, you need to turn on your favorite composition when shooting a story.

Watch the video for an overview of the Instagram Stories feature.

Where can I see Stories on Instagram?

Available stories appear at the top of the feed. You can recognize them by round avatars of other users. When moving, they are hidden so as not to interfere with the search for other useful information.

Stories are not sorted in the traditional chronological order, but by the number of views and comments from other users. In order to view the history, just touch the circle. The length of Stories on Instagram does not exceed 10 seconds. If you use a tap with hold, then the video pauses.

In the case when the user has several stories, the next stories will be automatically pulled up after viewing the first one. Switching to the desired story is easy enough: by swiping left or right.

The video clip will be marked in gray. You can view them an indefinite number of times, but before the time for deleting them has passed. No matter how big Instagram Stories are, friends can leave comments on the revised story. Not all subscribers can read them, but only the author of the video.

How to publish Stories on Instagram?

The upper right corner contains information about the publication date of the message. Thanks to her, it is possible to understand when the history is deleted.

Creating stories

For those who know how to create an Instagram account for business or connecting with friends, it will not be difficult to create Stories. A plus sign is displayed at the top of the screen, by clicking on it, you can start creating a new story. To shoot, you need to tap on the "record" button. First we get a photo. If you hold down the button, video recording takes place. The function allows you to use both the rear and front cameras, as well as turn on the flash.

You can also create Stories using media files that have been added within the last 24 hours. To accomplish this task, you need to move the swipe down. The entire photo gallery opens before the user, from which the desired one is selected.

Videos can be edited before posting. The set of tools in this case is the same for both video and photo. It:

  • texts – can move around the screen, as well as increase or decrease;
  • emoji – inserted through the text;
  • drawings – allows you to use a large palette of colors, as well as choose a brush, marker or neon stroke; in case of careless movement, it can be canceled;
  • Filters are switched by swiping across the screen from top to bottom.

The disadvantage of the function remains that it makes it possible to leave only one comment on the photo. That is why the user constantly has to choose: use emoji or write text.

If the video is too long to be used in the story, you can use any video editor and remove some parts so that you get a maximum length of 15 seconds. Another option is to increase the browsing speed.

How to publish Stories on Instagram?

Owners of App Store iOS devices can use special apps designed to split videos into equal parts of 15 seconds.


Knowing where Stories is on Instagram, you can go to the menu and find out the number of people who have reviewed the story. Moreover, Instagram also gives information about who exactly viewed the video. Statistics and settings can be opened while watching a video. This is done by swiping up. Among the manipulations that can be performed on history are:

  • removal;
  • saving in the gallery;
  • publication in the main feed;
  • converting the history to a normal record.

Using the gear settings, the user selects who can view and comment on the story, as well as hide or open to view the history of other users.

You don’t have to turn on the same settings every time. Information about privacy settings is stored by the program and used to publish the following stories.

Fans of experimenting with their photos will not have to think about how to create a second Instagram account to post more content. Stories allows you to come up with interesting options for stories-messages. In this case, the user himself will determine who will see his story, and for whom it will become inaccessible.

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