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How to record a live video on Instagram?


The life of modern people is full of eventful events, trips to different countries and cities. To find out as much interesting information as possible about the lives of other people, including celebrities, a recording of a live broadcast on Instagram was specially invented.

Features of live Instagram in a laptop

Many Instagram users prefer to work on a computer. When the question arises of how to join an Instagram live broadcast for a computer, then, first of all, you need to follow these steps:

It should be said that even from a PC you can write comments and put hearts. As a rule, if one of your subscribers has turned on the live broadcast, you will receive a notification. Thanks to this feature, you will definitely not miss and learn about all the interesting events and news. It should be noted that the full version of Instagram for a computer opens up more new opportunities for its owners.

There are a number of specific requirements for Instagram live broadcast, so they include:

  • the use of normative speech (without obscene words);
  • information should not be sent to political proceedings;
  • it is forbidden to advertise illegal goods and products;

Otherwise, a person may even incur administrative punishment, for example, for the distribution of illegal goods.

Watch the video on how to use the live streaming feature on Instagram.

Basic rules of Instagram

Shooting in real time implies the possibility of seeing the broadcast online. Broadcasts can be seen not only by a person’s subscribers, but also by other network users. But, this is only possible if the account is open to the public, the only way anyone can watch the user’s broadcast.

To watch the broadcast of the user of this social network, you must do the following:

How to record a live video on Instagram?

As soon as the user stops the live broadcast, you will be back on your page. Further, if you want, you can re-watch the broadcast, which automatically falls into the activity history of that person. And also, we should not forget that thanks to the search for people on Instagram by name, you can find a lot of your old friends and show them your broadcasts.

Everything you need to know about real-time shooting

Live broadcast opens up many possibilities, so you can tell the most important and main news of your life to your subscribers. But, despite this, there are several important nuances that should not be forgotten:

  • live broadcasts have time limits – no more than 60 minutes;
  • as soon as you start shooting, all your subscribers who are online will know about it;
  • when you shoot online, in your History panel, next to your profile picture, there will be a small pink icon "Live";
  • for people to write comments, you definitely need to shoot live;
  • immediately after the shooting is completed, other people instantly return to their page. 

Shooting in this format allows people to communicate more and learn new things about each other. And also, do not forget that in order to enter Direct Instagram, you must have an Internet connection.

What to do if there is an error on Instagram live broadcast?

Sometimes there are situations where it is not possible to start shooting in real time. Experts who work in this area argue that this situation can be provoked by three main reasons:

In addition to all the above possible reasons, one should also not forget about possible malfunctions in the device itself. In such cases, it is better to additionally check and understand exactly whether everything is working correctly in your gadget.

When iPhone owners face a similar problem, experts explain to them that certain models of such devices are already outdated, therefore, they simply cannot support modern applications.

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