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How to recover a profile after deleting it on Instagram?


Quite often, users of a social network are indignant about certain messages, photos or comments and, succumbing to a wave of emotions, delete their page. After a while, they, of course, regret what they did, and do not stop reading articles on how to recover a deleted Instagram. Unfortunately, not in all cases it is possible to restore your page. However, it’s worth a try.

How to recover a profile after deleting it on Instagram?

Complete removal of a profile

If the user deleted his page on his own, then neither his video nor his photo was saved. Restoring access will certainly not work. In this case, you don’t need to write to the technical department of the social network anymore, it’s better to use this time more usefully and ask how to create a second Instagram account.

The creators of the network do not forbid using the same e-mail again as the first time. But the nickname (that is, the name by which the user is identified) definitely needs to come up with a new one. Of course, this does not have to be a different name, you can change your own a little (for the system), for example, write some letters in English, add numbers or words like “Star", “Cool”, “I am” and others.

How to unblock an Instagram account?

You won’t have to think long about how to restore your Instagram profile if it was temporarily disabled. You only need to follow a few simple steps:

  • go to the Instagram website through a computer, tablet or through a special application on a smartphone;

  • before you restore Instagram after deletion, you need to remember your password and login. They must be entered in the appropriate field. The account is blocked in most cases for no more than a week. If it was not possible to unblock the Instagram account after the temporary blocking, you will have to change the password of your page;

  • under the password field there is a button "Help with login" (for phone) or "Forgot your password?" (for computer). You need to click on it, and the password reset process will start;

  • choose the most convenient recovery method. Available options:

  • Depending on the chosen method, act in accordance with the specified instructions:

  • if such tips on how to unlock a temporarily blocked Instagram account helped, you need to exit the application (site) and try to log in again. There shouldn’t be any authorization issues.

How to restore profile on Instagram?

User actions should be slightly different if an account is blocked on Instagram, such tips will tell you how to unblock it. It is most likely that this happened due to the hacking of the page and sending spam notifications from it.

  • go to the support site and fill out the form that is offered there:

  • after sending the form to the technical service, you should expect a letter from Instagram. It prompts you to confirm the rights to a specific account. Quite often, moderators demand from users a photo in which the profile owner is depicted with a sheet of paper. On the latter, you need to write by hand the code received in the letter;

  • the photo must be sent to the same email address from which the instruction letter was received on how to unblock an Instagram account;

  • confirmation of unblocking comes to the mail and the user again has the opportunity to freely use his page.

Watch the video on how to recover your Instagram account.

What should not be done so as not to be blocked?

In order not to have to think again about how to create an Instagram account for business or personal use, it is better to re-read the rules of conduct on the social network and the features of using your page.

It is forbidden to violate the terms of the user agreement:

  • the age of the user is strictly from 13 years;
  • you can not publish videos and photographs, as well as posts promoting violence, pornography, provide information of an erotic or discriminatory nature;
  • selling your page or transferring it to other persons is not allowed;
  • it is strictly not allowed to collect, store records of other network members;
  • it is forbidden to mistreat other members of the social network, in particular to intimidate, harass, insult or humiliate them;
  • you can’t create “likes”, messages that can be qualified by Instagram as spam;
  • use the social network for purposes contrary to the law;
  • you can not create bots and any other prohibited pages;
  • you can not restrict other participants about the fullest use of the service;
  • it is forbidden to distribute viruses, spyware, "worms";
  • You cannot use a domain name in a username.

Don’t break the rules of the group you belong to. For this it is enough:

  • to be polite;
  • publish only your own videos and photos;
  • avoid too explicit materials;
  • do not send spam.

Just in case, it is better to keep your own photos and valuable materials in the form of backup copies.

If the profile is blocked too often, a virus program may be running on the device itself. In this case, it is recommended to reinstall the operating system and install a reliable antivirus program.