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How to remove a virus from your phone yourself


The latest phones are as complex, feature-rich devices as computers. Therefore, the same misfortunes as the RS often happen to them. How to remove a virus from your phone or at least check your device for their presence or absence?

How to check if there is a virus

If you have recently accessed the Internet via your mobile, used Bluetooth, or received any strange messages, and after that your device began to “slow down", turn off by itself or not work at all – congratulations! Most likely, along with the information you received, you became infected with a virus. Act over quickly, and in that order:

  • go to the nearest service center and ask them to accurately diagnose the presence and type of virus on your mobile device;
  • if you don’t know how or don’t want to “cure” your phone, entrust it to the same guys who did the diagnostics. They will find every single virus and remove them;
  • do not forget to remind about installing a protective anti-virus program and updating settings – after neutralizing the virus, many of the files can also be erased;
  • if you decide to save the phone on your own, proceed to the next instruction.

How to get rid of the virus

How to remove a virus from your phone yourself

For this procedure, a computer and any antivirus program is useful: Kaspersky, Avast, etc. So:

  1. Turn on the computer, make sure it is clean and not infected with any viruses. Just in case, it is better to carry out additional cleaning.
  2. Now connect your phone and go to the "My Computer" section.
  3. Right-click on "Scan with ESET".
  4. Wait until all viruses are removed one by one. If at least one remains, you will have to repeat the whole operation from the beginning.
  5. After removing all viruses, proceed to restore the settings. Most of the factory ones will be erased, as will some of your personal files. You can also return them using special programs.
  6. When everything is ready and configured, you can make sure that your device no longer suffers from virus infections – that is, install protection on it.

How to install antivirus on your phone

How to remove a virus from your phone yourself

Modern devices, as a rule, come with an antivirus program from the manufacturer already installed. This is the standard version without any frills. But if you don’t even have one or want to install an additional one, just go to a special site and download it. The same Kaspersky and Avast exist in the mobile version. These programs not only protect the device from various kinds of infections, detect and eliminate them in a timely manner, but also block the receipt of suspicious SMS, calls from paid numbers, etc. 

You won’t be able to even inadvertently answer an "infected" call or connect to a dangerous server, the smart program will automatically block the connection. Download, install on your device and do not forget to update regularly. Remember: viruses also have their own protective program against any antivirus. And they know how to hide well, if not in a memory card, then in the mobile phone itself.

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