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How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself and economically


When purchasing a new cell phone, you make sure that it does not fall, constantly put it in a case, and generally handle it very carefully. But time passes and, for example, by accident, putting the device in a pocket next to the keys, hateful damage appears on the display. Toothpaste, varnish, GOI paste, jewelry powder, polish, Displex will help remove scratches from the phone screen.

Getting rid of minor damage

Since only small scratches can be removed from the phone screen with toothpaste, do not use it if the screen is severely damaged, so as not to damage it. For this procedure, take a paste for smokers or children, which contain a minimum amount of abrasive particles. Apply it to the scratch, take a cotton swab and rub in a circular motion. After a few seconds, minor flaws will either completely disappear or become less noticeable.

You can remove them with GOI paste, machine oil and a soft cloth. Take the damaged glass from the cell phone. With fine sandpaper dipped in water, remove a thin layer of coating from the screen surface. Apply machine oil to it with a piece of GOI paste, rub the display with a cloth. If needed, add any of these products and keep rubbing. Thanks to this method, not only small, but also large imperfections will disappear.

How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself and economically

Jewelry powder and polish will remove scratches, and varnish will make them invisible.

Jewelry powder is made from wax with the addition of aluminum oxide. Take some powder and polish the spot where the flaw is found. This procedure is carried out using sheep’s wool with skin. Clear varnish will help mask the damage and protect the area. To avoid "blunders", apply it carefully and carefully.

Purchase display polish from a computer store or use it in a gel form designed to remove damage from discs. Apply it and rub the composition on the screen for 2-3 minutes with a piece of cotton. Remove residues with a cloth or lint-free wipes. Now you know how to remove scratches from the phone screen using polish.

How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself and economically

Displex can handle deep scratches

Take out the damaged glass. If this is not possible, cover it with masking tape, leaving only the part where the damage is free. Apply machine oil and polishing paste, wait until this mixture is absorbed. Polish the screen with a cloth for an hour. Add the mixture little by little if necessary. After completing the procedure, wipe the display surface with a dry cloth or cloth.

The easiest way to cover a scratch is with a phone screen protector. Thanks to her, you will not get rid of damage. But your device will be protected from the appearance of similar imperfections in the future. And to prevent the occurrence of these problems, paste the film immediately after purchase.

By following these tips, you will learn how to remove scratches from your phone screen at home. But if they are serious enough, do not experiment, but take the device to a service center.

Invest in a case, purse or silicone shell for your phone. After all, the miser pays twice.