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How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself


Even the most careful and careful phone owners, shaking over their precious gadget, sooner or later have chips and cracks on the glass. How to remove scratches on the phone screen without contacting specialists?

The most affordable way to remove minor scratches

Are scratches and wear preventing you from socializing and enjoying games? Do not be too lazy to find in specialized stores a polish designed for soft grinding of discs. The tool is called Disc Repair. You do not need to unwind and shoot anything on a mobile device. Just take a soft flannel cloth, saturate it with polish and treat the glass for at least three minutes. You will see, the screen will shine as on the day of purchase, and there will be no trace of minor flaws.

How do they do in the repair service

How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself

If you have ever repaired a mobile device, you have probably been offered, for a purely nominal fee, to add to the updates at the same time to put the screen in order. That is, sand it down and remove the scratches on the phone. What craftsmen do in the store, you can do yourself at home. For this you need:

  • refined engine oil;
  • cotton pad or soft cloth;
  • paste GOI;
  • skills of unwinding screws on the phone and some patience.

First disassemble the mobile phone and take out the glass. Then saturate a rag with machine oil, squeeze a little paste onto the glass and start rubbing. The procedure lasts at least an hour, be prepared for this. Do you understand now why they take money from you in repairs? If the paste is worn out and the oil is completely absorbed, squeeze some more paste onto the cloth and continue rubbing until all the bumps are completely gone. For maximum effect, with a clean cloth and polish, give the screen a dazzling shine.

How else can you sand the screen

How to remove scratches from the phone screen yourself

Even scratches from the phone screen can be removed with a special Displex paste. Perhaps this is the most aggressive tool of all of the above. Therefore, your gadget, if it is still dear to you, you need to protect to the maximum from exposure to a chemical agent.

  1. Take scotch tape or sticky tape and carefully paste over the phone case, leaving only the glass free. This paste is very caustic and if it comes into contact with painted plastic, it may well corrode its coating.
  2. Next, shake the tube of paste. Then make a “track" out of it on the screen in an uneven place, arm yourself with a clean cloth (dense enough) and start rubbing.
  3. The movements should be circular and not too pressing, otherwise, as they say, wipe a hole in the surface. The top layer of plastic will be removed and you will have to level the entire screen, polishing it for more than one hour.
  4. This paste does not "poured" into cracks and scratches at all, as some believe. In fact, when it is heated by friction, it changes its chemical composition and simply melts the plastic. And then you polish it with a cloth to a mirror finish. That’s all.

Useful note: it is rather difficult to purchase such a paste in retail. If your friends didn’t have one, don’t knock yourself off your feet, running around shops and salons. Order pasta in the online store with home delivery.

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