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How to reset BIOS on a computer and laptop: only proven methods


When a computer crashes frequently and does not work correctly due to incorrect BIOS settings, it is much easier and faster than to understand them, reset them to factory settings, and the malfunctions should disappear.

In what cases is it necessary to reset the BIOS?

You should follow this procedure if you experience the following problems with your computer:

  • Removing the password required by the system is the most common reason when users learn how to reset BIOS. This occurs after changing the program settings, when you need to enter a system of numbers and letters in order to gain access to loading the operating system and working with it.
  • If the user changed the BIOS settings, but they turned out to be incorrect, the operating system does not boot.
  • The computer malfunctions, often requires a reboot, the cause of this could not be identified.
  • The operating system does not load.

A BIOS reset is a reset of the CMOS memory, that is, the complete destruction of the checksum to the factory settings.

BIOS reset methods

For computers, there are 4 ways that experts advise.

  1. The BIOSSetup options are the easiest way, this is where you need to start resetting. If it does not help, then move on to other methods. You can use it if the computer is loading BIOS. At this time, you need to find the Load BIOS Setup Defaults item, in different software the name may be different: Load Defaults BIOS, Load Safe-Fail Defaults, or something similar. If you select it, the process of resetting the BIOS will begin.
  2. The Debag utility will do if the operating system boots. But you can do this if it belongs to the Windows family. First, go to the "Start" menu, click "Find" or "Run", type the word "Debug" into the line, and when a black window appears, enter 3 commands in order: the first is O 70 17, the second is O73 17 and third Q.
  3. Remove battery. If the program does not respond, then the only way is to perform mechanical actions. To do this, first open the computer box, find a medium-sized round battery on the motherboard. Before resetting the BIOS to factory settings, make sure that this is the battery that provides power to the CMOS memory. It must be removed from the board first for 10-20 minutes, and if this does not help, then for 1 day. As a result, the program should start working according to the factory settings.
  4. Jumper CLRTC. It is located next to the battery that we were looking for in the previous method. They turn to such a reset of the BIOS only as a last resort, when other options have not helped. In working condition, this jumper can be in position 1-2. To reset the system, it is changed to 2-3 for 15-20 seconds, then returned back. It is important to know that all actions are performed when the computer is turned off and disconnected from the power supply. Expensive motherboards no longer have levers, but there is a special reset button. In most cases, it is called CLRCMOS. If a jumper is installed in the system, then it may have different names. Before resetting the BIOS, information about the jumper can be found in the instructions for the motherboard.

How to reset BIOS on a laptop?

It should be noted right away that this procedure is carried out differently on a laptop, but it is much more difficult to perform it than on a stationary computer. Before you reset the BIOS on a laptop, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer and class of equipment. In cheap models, this is much easier to do, since the level of protection is low, and only a professional can handle business-class equipment.

In total there are 2 ways to reset the BIOS in a laptop


if it is possible to start BIOS. To call such a command at boot, you need to press one of the keys: F1, F2, F3, etc. The main thing is to find the paragraph in which the word default is present. After that, the process of changing parameters and resetting the BIOS will begin. After you’re done, don’t forget to save your changes by choosing first the save command and then exit.


To do this, you need to disassemble the laptop. If it is under warranty or you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact a specialist. First, remove the back cover, find the jumper, CSMOS should be written next to it, move it to another position for 3 seconds, then return it back. After such actions, the BIOS should return to the factory settings.

To change or cancel the password to the system, you can follow the same steps, but they do not always help, especially in expensive models where the level of security is at a high level. It is better to entrust such work to professionals, but the desired result may not be achieved.

Resetting the BIOS to factory settings is quite simple if you fully follow all the recommendations and tips, but if nothing works out even after mechanical impact, then it’s better to turn to professionals, especially if you need to do it on a laptop.

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