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How to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop: the simplest instruction


It is not necessary to explain why Wi-Fi is needed and how convenient it is on a laptop, everything is clear here. The question is different: is it possible to connect it to the same Internet provider through which the main home computer works. And in general, how to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop, what is needed for this?

What you need for settings

No need to be scared – connecting to a wireless network is easy and accessible to everyone. But the presence of certain factors and items is mandatory. It:

  1. The laptop itself, preferably a modern and decent model, later it will become clear why.
  2. Wi-Fi access indoors. It sounds strange and surprising, but practice shows that there are still some places where there is no wireless Internet! And this despite the fact that in Moscow Wi-Fi is caught without problems even in the subway. So for those unfortunate, go there with your laptop and do all the settings while riding in circles in the subway.

If there is a working wireless network point in the room and the adapter sees it, then connecting a laptop to Wi-Fi will be very simple.

How to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop: the simplest instruction

Instruction step by step

Every modern laptop has a built-in Wi-Fi module by default. Enable it and be the first step. To do this, carefully study the keyboard of your device. Usually the key to turn on the module is marked with the image of the antenna. Click it. The indicator on the keyboard should light up.

If the key with the antenna is not found, scrupulously inspect the laptop from all sides. There should be a small lever on the back or side. It also includes a module that receives a Wi-Fi signal. Move the lever to the "on" position.

The next steps will not be more difficult:

  1. Now you need to turn all your attention to the screen. In the lower right corner there is a panel with icons. One of them indicates the state of the wireless network (whether your computer is connected to it or not), as well as all available within a given radius.
  2. If the module did not see anything, it may well be that the adapter is not configured to automatically receive wireless Internet. To fix the issue, you need to go into the adapter settings and reinstall them so that the reception is performed automatically.
  3. Click the icon informing about available networks. A small window with a list of names should pop up, opposite each one there will be a scale showing information about the strength and quality of the signal.
  4. Choose the network that suits you and click on it. Internet access should be obtained instantly if it is open. With a closed one, everything is a little more complicated, but quite solvable.

It often happens that before turning on Wi-Fi on a laptop, you need to enter a password for a closed network or register in an open one. How to be in this case?

How to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop: the simplest instruction

Closed and open network wireless networks – what’s the difference

Any network has its own SSID – this is the identifier of the wireless network. If it refers to any enterprise, organization, cafe, etc., this is always indicated in the identifier.

If you are on an open network that is accessible to everyone within range without entering a security key (password), this does not mean that the Internet will instantly turn on. Often, the user will first be asked to log in. A pop-up window will provide brief information about the network and details on how to connect to it. Connection in this case will take a couple of minutes.

If the network is closed, there is no way you can connect to it without a special password. Usually this is a multi-digit code, always individual. In a cafe or hotel, they will tell you it for free – after all, you already make an order or pay for accommodation in an institution. But at the station or at the airport, where there are many access points from different providers, you will have to pay for the wireless Internet service. To get a security code, you will have to send a request to the provider, he will withdraw a certain amount from your account, after which you will receive an SMS with a password. That’s all. It remains only to open any browser and go to some page to make sure that the Internet is working.

If you are not sure that everyone understood how to set up Wi-Fi on a laptop yourself, call on a competent friend for help. Or contact the nearest computer equipment salon, they will help you.