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How to track a mobile phone via satellite: available methods


The mobile phone today is no longer just a means of communication. Surely your assistant will be a carrier of valuable, and even more so confidential information, and indeed is a property that you would certainly like to return. In addition, a modern phone can cost a lot of money, and I would like to use any possibilities of finding it to the maximum. In this regard, many users have repeatedly thought about how to track a phone via satellite by number. Manufacturers, software developers and special online services are doing everything so that the communication tool helps you find yourself in a critical situation.

How to track a mobile phone via satellite: available methods

It’s important to note right away that tracking requires a GPS-enabled device. The modern market of mobile devices is mainly represented by devices running on the Android operating system, and their capabilities make it easy to cope with the task.

Service from Google

The well-known company Google, using the Android Device Manager service (Android remote control), since 2013 has provided the opportunity to track the location of the phone via satellite with the result shown on the map. You will also need:

It should be said that it will be possible to see several devices on the map at the same time if the GPS module is enabled on each of them. At the same time, you will be given the opportunity to call any of them if necessary (the phone beeps for a long time).

The best products of famous companies

Among the programs from third-party developers, a product of IObit called Advanced Mobile Care is known, which you can install for free. It has an "Anti-Theft" function, which also allows you to answer the question of how to find the phone via satellite. By pre-authorizing on the developer’s website, you can easily:

  • locate your mobile device;
  • raise an alarm on the phone. Believe me, such a loud signal that it is guaranteed to betray the robber.

Also worth mentioning is AVG’s product, AVG AntiVirus FREE, a free antivirus application that includes a phone detection feature that allows you to show the location where it is on Google maps. Activation – at . In addition, you can also enable a feature that maximizes the ringtone volume and plays it even when you are in silent mode.

How to track a mobile phone via satellite: available methods

What other developers offer

There are a number of other programs on Google Play that also know quite well how to track a phone via satellite (AndroidLost, Phone Locator, Real Time GPS Tracker, WAY GPS tracker, GPS tracking, Find Your Phone, and others). These developments, according to user reviews, also deserve the attention of users of Android-based devices.

And although the most common reason for tracking is loss or theft, in some cases other vital needs can be met (monitoring of children, elderly parents, etc.). The tracking system can once and for all guard your phone and save your health. Installation and configuration of labor will not be, and it is difficult to overestimate the benefits.