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How to track the location of the phone: real methods


There are hundreds of ads on social networks from people who allegedly know how to track the location of a phone – their own and even someone else’s without the knowledge of its owner. In fact, there are not so many legal and reliable ways to solve this problem, and all the secret software offered on the Web with remote action and worldwide coverage is a hoax.

Real ways to track a phone

There are only three options on how to track the location of the phone by SIM card or number:

  1. Make a request on behalf of law enforcement to the mobile operator – you will receive a printout that will show which tower the device was next to during each call made or SMS received. You can even “detect" a mobile phone in which the SIM card has been replaced – by IMEI.
  2. Use the service of transferring coordinates to another user from a mobile operator. For Beeline subscribers, the number to call is 06849924, the MTS subscriber must send the subscriber number to 6677, Megafon subscribers can send a request by dialing 0888 and contacting the operator. The user must confirm his consent to the transfer of data.
  3. Programs that determine the coordinates of the device using GPS and send information to another user in real time. This is a possible answer to the question of how to track a phone without the consent of the owner.

In addition, there are no available ways to determine the location of a mobile device.

How to track the location of the phone: real methods

Some location tracking software

Among them, there are both available for free and for a fee, usually it must be paid monthly. Here are some of the popular programs:

  • Live GPS Tracker is a free program that allows you to track your movements in real time;
  • free application Where’s my droid is designed to track devices on the Android platform;
  • SpyBubble is a paid program with a spy mode feature.

You need to understand that even a school-age child will quickly notice new software and turn it off or, by indirect signs, learn about surveillance, so it is advisable to talk to the child and explain that monitoring his movements is necessary for your peace of mind and his safety.

How to track the location of the phone: real methods

Restrictions on spyware

The software that determines the coordinates of the device and the corresponding operator services has several limitations:

  • they do not work where there is poor communication, and even more so where there is none at all; even in cities with dense coverage of towers, a good signal is not everywhere;
  • spyware does not work if the GPS transmitter is disabled on the smartphone;
  • the transfer of any personal data of the user is voluntary. Exceptions: law enforcement agencies, your parents or employer are interested in your routes (strictly during working hours).

We also note that the mobile operator simply does not have the right to transfer data about any user to anyone without a corresponding request from law enforcement agencies. Therefore, it makes no sense to contact the support service with a request to provide you with data on the movement of an ex-girlfriend.

Do not believe spy movies about ultra-precise and secret software that allows you to determine the coordinates of a mobile device and immediately get a satellite image with a photo of its owner. Coordinate tracking software is unlikely to help you solve the problem of how to track the location of a phone by number without the consent of its owner, but can be very useful for parents of school-age children.

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