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How to unlock a laptop keyboard: the most common ways


The laptop is one of the most popular things in the 21st century. But for the good work of new devices, proper use is necessary. And for many people, a lot of laptop features remain incomprehensible. The most popular among all is the “keyboard lock".

What is such a function for?

A blocked input device often causes quite a lot of problems and headaches for those who do not know why it is needed. In fact, this function is one of the simplest: the same as, for example, a keyboard block on a phone. And the answer to why it is needed is quite simple. Keypad lock is a common security measure.

What to do if the input device is blocked?

Locking your keyboard is not that difficult: even without knowing the correct set of keys, you can do it by accident. Dusting by pressing the wrong button, a pet sitting on a laptop, etc. can be the culprit. It seems a very ridiculous phenomenon, but it is due to such incidents that such problems often occur.

If this happens, do not panic or get lost, it will only hurt you. This problem is solved in the same simple way as it is created. But the keyboard is blocked, what should I do?

The most popular combination on new laptops that can de-energize your keyboard is Fn + NumLock, and it can be unlocked with the same keys. But if you still have old models and pressing the buttons does not give the desired result, then you can try the following:

  • Fn + F12;
  • Fn + F7;
  • Fn + Pause.

And if your input device was disabled manually by some similar combination, then it can just as easily be able to work again.

Types of key lock

It happens that a simple combination is not enough and pressing the above keys does not help in any way. Does your laptop really need its own, individual approach? Not at all, because there are two more ways to bring equipment to a non-working state. The question again arises: what are these other ways to lock the keyboard?

One of the ways is an insidious virus that could get into a laptop using any external medium: the Internet, flash media, disks, MiniCD flash drives, and many other sources. Usually this disease blocks the input device from the inside, that is, it cannot be saved externally by pressing the keys.

How to unlock a laptop keyboard: the most common ways

If this happens, you should immediately contact the antivirus program and remove this problem with it. This is the only way to eliminate internal damage.

As for the second option, everything here is naive and without complications. A breakdown could occur for a mechanical reason, that is, one or more parts needed by the device are out of order. In this case, only contacting the service center will help.

So, summing up, you can see three reasons for a non-working device. The first reason is software, it is corrected by pressing a special combination of buttons. The second is viral, and it can be solved only by removing the virus. And the last is a mechanical reason: if you are not versed in technology, then it is better to simply leave the problem in the hands of the master.

Knowing all this, you can not be afraid for the keyboard of your laptop, and solve any problem that has arisen without any complications.

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