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How to unlock an iPhone yourself? We strictly follow the instructions


In the modern world of information technology, we are not only surrounded by the latest technology, but also encrypted data. Passwords are everywhere: on email, computer, laptop, and, of course, phone. Often we become hostages of our own complex encryptions that we cannot remember. How to unlock an iPhone yourself without contacting a service center? Since iPhone 4 is different from 5, then the operation to restore access to them must be carried out in different ways.

Unlock with emergency call

  1. If you have an iPhone 4, then the unlocking process will be much easier than an iPhone 5. To do this, you will need your phone, a new SIM card and the one to which the phone was attached, a paper clip and free time, because the first time it can fail.
  2. First, insert the SIM card to which the phone was linked into the device, dial 611, when the beeps go, you need to reset the call and immediately turn on airplane mode, then remove this SIM card and insert your own.
  3. Please note that Wi-Fi must be turned off, and when all the steps are completed, select the network section in the settings and click "forget network".
  4. After that, you can turn off airplane mode, the phone will start searching for a network, you need to wait a while. If everything is done correctly, a window will appear asking you to activate it.
  5. At this time, an inscription should appear in the left corner of EDGE. When the download starts and the first letter E appears, you need to turn off the iPhone.
  6. After a few seconds, turn on the device again, look at the screen, one bar should appear at the signal level, select “connect to a cellular network", remove the SIM card – an inscription will appear requiring activation, then insert it back. Before unlocking an iPhone 4, remember the sequence of actions, they must be performed quickly.

How to use the SAM utility?

This program was developed by Sam Bingner, but came up with the idea to use it to unlock the Chinese hacker Loktar Sun. Its only drawback is that it will only help owners of models 4 and 4S.

  1. Download and install the SAM utility. It can be found at repo.bingner.com in Cydia. If the process was completed successfully, the program icon will appear in the main menu.
  2. Open the utility, find the Utilites tab, then De-Activate iPhone. In this section, there should be an inscription Unactivated.
  3. After that, go to Method, then ByCountryandCarrier, select the operator to which the phone is linked.
  4. Next, select More Information, enter IMSI in SAM Details, select and click Spoof Real SIM to SAM.
  5. We go again to the main menu, instead of Method we set the position to Manual, insert the same IMSI here.
  6. We synchronize the iPhone with iTunes, activate the device. If the ICCIDs do not match, then you need to do all the steps again from the very beginning.
  7. We interrupt the connection with the computer, remove the utility, connect the phone to the computer again, then disconnect and perform this action again. If you did everything correctly, the device will be unlocked.

What to do if iPhone 5 is locked

  1. For this device, the previous scheme will not work. The first thing that comes to mind is to contact a service center, but there they can only offer you to restore systems and remove the code, but they cannot guarantee high-quality data recovery. But you can do without service specialists if you use the instructions on how to unlock iPhone 5 if you forgot your password.
  2. First, connect your phone to your computer, even if the iPhone is locked, it will still sync with iTunes. If you have iCloud, be sure to make sure all your data is fully backed up.
  3. The next step is to enter the iPhone into DFU mode. To do this, reboot the device by simultaneously pressing and holding the power button and the home button (they are indicated on the device as Lock and Home). You need to hold it for at least 10 seconds. After that, the Apple splash screen will appear on the screen, release only the power button, continue to hold down the second one, release it only after the image of the USB wire appears and requests to connect to iTunes.
  4. If all the previous steps, how to unlock iPhone 5, are completed successfully, go to the third. After connecting to iTunes, you will see a message that the program has found a device that needs to be restored, and will strongly recommend that you perform the procedure. Now all that depends on you is just to click the "restore" button. The program will do the rest, and after the procedure is over, the iPhone will become the same as it was before entering DFU mode. The only difference is that the phone will no longer ask for the password you forgot.

If you forgot your password, this is not a reason to panic, you need to calmly study and perform all the necessary actions. But if you find someone else’s device, then you should not get rid of the password and use it, sooner or later the owner will find it. But not all iPhones can be unlocked on their own, then it is better to contact a service center. Before buying a new iPhone, be sure to find out how to check the phone for authenticity.

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