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How to view Instagram Stories on a computer?


Today, for many, life in social networks is an indispensable part of everyday life. And by reviewing Instagram Stories on a computer, you can relax mentally and learn a lot of new and interesting information.

Viewing Instagram Stories on a Computer

The most important difference between Instagram Stories on a computer is the inability to scroll through them on your own. So, this can be done only with the help of special arrows that are located along the edges. You can also use italics, but only if you are watching a video from one author, which consists of several parts. To continue watching other users’ videos, you need to close the one you are currently watching and only then move on to the next ones.

How to view Instagram Stories on a computer?

At the bottom of the screen there is a player icon where you can:

  • pause the video
  • scroll forward or backward video;
  • change volume;
  • it is possible to view the recording in full screen;
  • can be saved to your PC.

To view the Stories of Instagram users on a Windows-based computer, you need to follow these simple steps:

Thanks to the ability to view Stories, you can learn about the most interesting events that happen in the lives of your subscribers. In addition, you can even comment on what you see on your screen. Thanks to the Instagram Stories app, you can post your own videos to your followers.

Watch the video on how to view Instagram Stories on PC through a browser extension.

Features of Downloading Instagram Stories to Computer

It should be said that in addition to viewing Instagram Stories from a computer, it can also be downloaded to a PC. This fact is a characteristic advantage, since it is impossible to download Instagram Stories on a phone. The ideal option to save Instagram Stories on PC is to use the Chrome IG Story plugin. This is a completely free application, except that everyone can handle it. To save Instagram Story in a browser to a computer, you need to follow these steps:

How to view Instagram Stories on a computer?

A person can save other regular videos that they come across in the news feed using Chrome IG Story. But, keep in mind that if you choose this method, then keep in mind that you can save any video you want, since there is no display of user names in a special download window. Therefore, you can save those videos that you don’t need at all. To understand and understand how to fill out an Instagram profile, you can use our additional material.

Features of photo and video files in Instagram stories

Today, Instagram deservedly occupies one of the leading positions among social networks. An important component that made Instagram such a popular application is the ability to shoot and post small videos, the so-called Stories. The following points can be attributed to the characteristic features of Instagram Stories on a PC:

  • The difference between Stories and regular videos that users upload to their page is that the first ones are deleted automatically after 24 hours from the moment they were uploaded;
  • to save such files, it is enough to check the necessary checkbox in the settings;
  • a person can independently choose those subscribers who will be able to view such videos;
  • with the appropriate settings, you can see who watched your videos;
  • there is an opportunity to do several stories in a row at once.

It is especially beneficial to record such short videos for business accounts. In other words, those people who earn money with the help of their page. Today, most of the users of this social network are registered in order to earn good money. In this case, it is much more convenient to publish urgent news to users and inform them about promotions and discounts. And also, we should not forget about the importance of live broadcast on Instagram from a computer.

How to view Instagram Stories on a computer?

Using emulators

The emulator is a virtual smartphone that can be installed on a computer. Often they are installed in order to test various applications on smartphones. This is very convenient, since the user gets access to all the features of Instagram, which are simply not available on the web versions.

You need to download the appropriate files that will install the program, then run them on your PC. After that, the Instagram application will be installed on your virtual smartphone. In principle, this is all that needs to be done, in fact you get full access to your page, you can not only download Stories, but also publish different posts, add photos, watch the news feed and chat in direct.

It’s safe to say that the ability to post short videos on Instagram is a great option for communicating with users, as well as an effective means for distributing content. But keep in mind that in order to achieve popularity among other users, you will need to work hard, but in the end your page will become visited, and this, in turn, will become an excellent source of income.

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