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How to wind up votes in voting on the Internet – win and earn extra money honestly


Now it is very popular to organize various contests, bridesmaids, quizzes and other events on the Internet in which you need to vote, collect "likes" and points. This business is beneficial from all sides: the one for whom the most votes received a prize, and the one who arranged the voting – a huge number of visitors to his site. And in the first and in the second case, this means at least some, but profit, sometimes very good. How to wind up votes in voting on the Internet to win? After all, if you just passively wait for your finest hour, you can only wait for an inglorious pension. The process must be helped, preferably without breaking the law.

What are the ways

How to wind up votes in voting on the Internet - win and earn extra money honestly

In fact, there are quite a few of them, almost all of them are well known to the organizers of the competitions and are considered quite legal. The main thing is that nobody’s interests are hurt and the voting conditions are not violated insolently. And how you got your coveted "likes" is nobody’s business. Of course, those who have raised their ratings on the Internet through honest, hard work over long and difficult months may resent this approach. But the fact remains. If someone really wants to see their personal recipe for semolina porridge in the nomination "the most original dish for a preschooler" – he will achieve this. And you can wind up votes online like this:

  • using voting via mobile, but you have to pretty much press the keys;
  • with the help of a special program – you will also have to spend time downloading, registering, and possibly investing a little money;
  • with the help of a special service that will do everything itself, you will only have to watch how your voices are rapidly added – but by no means for free.

How to vote from mobile

The fact is that every time you visit a particular resource from your device, your IP changes. In voting, this is important, since more than one vote is not counted from the same IP. But if you restart your mobile, the IP will be different the next time you access the Internet. Thus, you can vote for yourself indefinitely, until you get tired of tormenting the phone

How to vote using various programs

How to wind up votes in voting on the Internet - win and earn extra money honestly

In a similar way, you can wind up votes if you download a proxy program to your computer that constantly changes the IP address. You can create a whole list of addresses and vote in turn from each of them. Here’s how to get votes for free. And if you are ready to pay some money – the amounts are symbolic – use an absolutely legal method.

There is a certain site where you need to register and create an account. By e-mail you confirm the registration. After that, in the “Your tasks" item, you must select the “Add link” subsection. There you fill in all the fields – indicate the address and names of the site, the requirements for the visitor – that is, voting – then add the finished task. Don’t forget to include a question, answer options, and hints for the user visiting the site. Are all fields and columns filled in? Feel free to click "Save", there is very little left. Now you need to set a daily impression limit, enter the cost and click the "Buy" button. It is done. Now real users will vote for you, everything is fair and legal. Good luck!