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hydrophobic coating. What is it and how to do it yourself?



By applying a hydrophobic coating to any thing, you can be sure that moisture will be completely blocked. Such a tool is applied not only to expensive gadgets – phones and tablets, shoes, but also to building materials. Moreover, the hydrophobic material helps not only protect against water, but also helps the metal become more resistant to corrosion. Motorists have long noticed this technology. It perfectly protects the car body, and besides, it helps to keep the windows in perfect cleanliness, which is important for drivers.

hydrophobic coating. What is it and how to do it yourself?

hydrophobic coating. What it is?

Currently, discussion of hydrophobic coating occurs in almost every forum. What is this miracle so much praised by all? Yes, everything is very simple as it turned out. A water repellent is a liquid, after application of which, the surface repels moisture, thus creating a certain protective layer on almost any object. Everyone can use this substance, as it is sold either in the form of a liquid or in the form of a spray. Most often, a water repellent is applied:

Most importantly, remember! When buying anti-rain, carefully read what surfaces it is suitable for.

hydrophobic coating. What is it and how to do it yourself?

hydrophobic coating. With your own hands: how to make a unique thing?

Of course, you can buy such a unique thing as a hydrophobic coating, or you can try to make it yourself. It is excellent for showcases, car glass, windows, etc. The only thing to remember is that a homemade product will not protect surfaces for too long, and you will have to repeat the process after a while. The composition of home anti-rain is very simple: 20 parts of white spirit are taken for one part of paraffin. The paraffin should be crushed as little as possible, filled with white spirit and mixed carefully and for a long time until the paraffin is completely dissolved. That’s all. Nano technological tool is ready.

This video provides a visual demonstration of the main function of any hydrophobic coating.

Nanomaterial or hydrophobic coating

Each type of non-contact layer with water is designed for a specific surface. For example, it is now actively practiced to add this nanomaterial to cement mortar, which significantly increases wear resistance, strength and improves its quality. 

This material has a lot of advantages when applied to various surfaces:

hydrophobic coating. What is it and how to do it yourself?

The only drawback is that after applying to walls, concrete, facade or tiles, allow a day to dry. And only then to conduct tests.

Application of hydrophobic coating on different surfaces

The use of such a water-repellent layer especially pleased the owners of the cars. After all, the review of the road should be made both in front and behind, and on the sides. But how can you see the road well if the windows are just black with dirt, especially in the autumn-winter period. The advantages of applying such a protective layer on any glass:

This tool is applied only at positive temperatures, preferably indoors or, if outdoors, in the complete absence of wind. You will also need napkins: the first for applying the product, the second for polishing the glass. First you need to thoroughly wash the glass. Then wipe it with alcohol or an alcohol-based surface degreaser. Apply a layer of the product with a simple napkin, wait 5-10 minutes until a matte film appears (so that the white spirit evaporates completely). Next, take a paper towel and rub the glass until the wax disappears completely. And for polishing and adding shine, use a microfiber cloth.

hydrophobic coating. What is it and how to do it yourself?

It can be concluded that by applying a layer that is contactless with water, you, among other things, help protect the glass from harmful factors. For example, using such a tool, it will be necessary to use wiper blades much less frequently. And this means that the glass will not be subjected to mechanical stress and will retain its original appearance for a long time. Remember that the second time these wipes are not recommended.

You can use a water repellent not only for the construction or protection of glass and surfaces. It is also great for waterproofing clothes and shoes. For example, having processed boots, rainy days will be nothing to you. Any liquid that gets on the shoes will be immediately repelled.