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I like it! or What are likes on the Internet

The content of the article

The Internet has penetrated almost all spheres of modern life. More and more new words borrowed from the "network" vocabulary are being used. If you are new to the world wide web, then you should familiarize yourself with some of them. This article will talk about what a like is.

How it all began

The origin of this term originates from the site Facebook.com, when the developers decided to add a special button, which is a thumbs up. This button allowed you to show that you like the published material. In English, it is signed Ilike, that is, "I like it." In short, such marks are called likes.

Then the opportunity to express their opinion about the published material was given to users of YouTube.com, where users from all over the world upload their videos. With the introduction of this option, the life of famous video bloggers (the so-called people who keep their video diaries on this site) has changed the life of many people: likes made it possible to promote their videos and pages on the network, people became popular in a matter of months.

Russian users learned what likes are on the Internet when the developers of the VKontakte website decided to add this option to their website. The multi-million audience of Runet exploded: a lot of spam messages went around the site, calling for likes on photos and posts on the walls. Based on the results of such clicks, ratings of users and news are created.

Like today

What is like? Resourceful users have replaced the long “like" with a new verb “like”, which I now use everywhere, even when communicating outside the Internet. This feature is available in all the most popular social networks. When holding various contests, the administration often chooses the winner by counting these very likes.

The positive side of the ability to like is that people tend to post beautiful photos, good pictures and interesting posts in order to get as many of these “positive clicks” as possible and increase in the ranking among other users. But the creation of such a simple option as "I like" led to the fact that people almost stopped commenting on posts. They just press the button, showing their positive attitude towards the record, while not using words.

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