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IMHO: what does that mean? Freedom of opinion in the space of the Network


It is often very difficult for newcomers to the Internet to understand what this or that expression means. The written speech of the regulars of blogs and forums often seems to the newly minted Internet user to be a mysterious Chinese letter. For example – the popular abbreviation "IMHO". What does it mean?

IMHO: facts and a bit of history

  • IMHO – a domestic version of the English abbreviation for the words "In My Humble Opinion".
  • Almost verbatim Russian equivalent – "In my humble opinion."
  • In the Russian-speaking Internet, the expression IMHO, written in transliteration from English, is more popular.
  • Both uppercase and lowercase letters can be used in writing.
  • In the Internet space, the expression IMHO has long become a full-fledged word that does not require additional decoding.
  • You can find options like "my imha".
  • The domestic analogue of the statement – PMSM – is quite rare on forums and blogs. 

The abbreviation IMHO was invented by science fiction lovers, communicating with each other in the form of written speech. This term quickly spread first in private networks, and then on the World Wide Web. The convenience of writing and concise semantic expressiveness quickly provided the new Internet jargon with worldwide popularity. At the moment, this expression is widely used by participants in Internet discussions in forums, chat rooms and social networks.

What does IMHO mean? Features of use in Internet discussions

  • By writing these four letters at the end of his statement, the user makes it clear to the interlocutor that he expressed his personal opinion, which does not claim to be a generally recognized fact or an unshakable axiom;
  • The word IMHO is a sign of respect for the interlocutor in the Network space;
  • Also, the use of this abbreviation emphasizes the right of a person to freedom of speech and expression of his personal attitude to anything. 
  • Over time, the abbreviation IMHO acquired a number of other meanings – both in English and in Russian. Meanings change depending on the context of the utterance, often having completely opposite emotional and semantic overtones. 

Popular Russian readings of the IMHO abbreviation:

  • “I Have an Opinion, Though Erroneous"; 
  • "Individual Opinion of the Owner of the Answer"; 
  • "I Have an Opinion – Fuck You Challenge." 

As we can see, the general meaning of the statement is approximately the same, but its emotional tone changes dramatically depending on the decoding. 

What does the word IMHO mean in live speech? Analogues of abbreviation IMHO in real discussion:

  • "I think that…";
  • "I think that…";
  • "It seems to me, …";
  • "I suppose…" etc. 

Unlike the Internet, where saving effort on keystrokes is a priority, the abbreviation IMHO is rarely used in live speech.

IMHO: examples

What does IMHO mean in the forums? Let’s take a few illustrative examples of typical forum statements. 

  • Watching movies in 3D is much more fun than at home in front of a monitor. IMHO.
  • IMHO, baked pies are not only healthier than fried ones, but also much tastier!
  • Cartoon "Adventure Time" is many times more interesting than "My Little Pony". Here’s my IMHO.
  • Only a miracle from heaven can save Russia. Or Chuck Norris, IMHO. 

By learning about what the expression IMHO means, you can feel more confident in the space of Internet discussion. Express your opinion, argue, agree, deny or support. Do not forget that the Internet does not exempt us from knowing and observing the elementary rules of politeness in dealing with other people. IMHO, of course.

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