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Installing Windows on MAC


The American brand Apple has successfully entered the technology market, having won the hearts of thousands of people, strongly associated with the quality, reliability and convenience of all the equipment it produces. Laptops and tablets based on Intel processors are distinguished by a powerful filling, however, many users who first encountered products from this company are frightened by their own software system for Apple computers – Mac OS X. In this case, installing Windows 8 on a Mac, which is possible thanks to the ability of the Macintosh to run the Windows operating system.

Successful symbiosis: when the familiar is always there

Why is this needed? It seems that Apple, which has consciously moved away from everything related to Windows, has no reason to go back. But even with all the advantages of MAC X OS, many developers of specialized software, such as the Consultant system, 1C, various engineering and document packages, release their products only with adaptation for Windows without a “Mac" counterpart. The situation requiring an immediate solution is resolved simply – you just need to install a nominal connecting bridge between the two operating systems, reconciling them in one computer. For which there are two methods:

  1. Installing Windows on a MAC simultaneously with the MAC OS using the special Boot CAMP utility. This process allows you to quickly and easily enter the required operating system by rebooting your PC.
  2. Installing a special emulator under MAC OS, which will allow you to deliver Windows OS to a virtual platform and launch Windows programs without rebooting the system, straight from MAC X. To implement this method of solving the problem of “dual systems”, you will need the Mac program Parallels Desktop.

The entire process of implementing a second operating system requires utmost care and a clear sequence of actions.

Installing Windows on MAC

Materials and devices required for installation

When choosing a software installation option, it should be noted that the first method is the most relevant and in demand, but has a number of limitations:

  • it is most advisable to install the seventh version of Windows, or a more improved "eight", but certainly a 64-bit configuration;
  • The MAC OS and all of its components must be updated to the latest versions.

For installation work you will need:

  • Macintosh PC with Intel processor;
  • Mac OS X Tiger version 10.4.6 or higher;
  • free 20 GB hard disk space;
  • licensed version of the Microsoft Windows operating system of your choice.

Important! If you intend to install Windows XP on a MAC, make sure you are going to install the 64-bit version, since Apple does not support 32-bit systems.

Installing Windows on MAC

Installing Windows on a MAC: step by step instructions

Before starting the process, it is recommended to back up your data using Time Machine, because due to changes in the layout of drive C, some information may be lost:

  1. Download and run Boot Camp. The program will be required to burn a CD with drivers from MAC for Windows, to allocate space for Windows.
  2. Restart your computer and start installing Windows by manually specifying the required C drive.
  3. Install the Windows MAC hardware drivers and software from the CD you burned earlier. Windows installation on MAC is complete.
  4. The choice of the required OS is carried out through the Option (Alt) key when restarting the PC or through the Startup Disk utility, it is located in the Windows Control Panel and in System Preferences of Mac OS X.

The method of installing Windows on this or another model of PC may be subject to change due to the technical characteristics and versions of the selected operating systems. 

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