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Instructions for installing Viber on your phone and PC


In the age of technological progress and computer technology, we, modern people, have a unique opportunity to contact and communicate with our relatives and friends for free, even across great distances. Literally across the seas and oceans, we can see and hear our soul mate – all this allows us to use special applications for both mobile phones and desktop computers. The greater the choice of such programs, the more likely it is that everyone will choose the right one for themselves. But unfortunately, not every user knows how to install Viber on a phone; step-by-step instructions on this issue are presented a little lower in the article itself.

Instructions for installing Viber on your phone and PC

Why Viber?

Many users often wonder why certain applications are at the peak of popularity. Viber is no exception. For several seasons in a row, it has been in the top of instant messengers and programs for communication. What is his secret of success?

At one time, the application was available only to Iphone owners, many of whom obviously did not know how to install Viber on an iPhone. Later, with the release of regular updates and modifications, this program could be installed by users of the most common and popular Android platform.

At this stage of its development, Viber is used daily by millions of users around the world, contacting relatives, friends and colleagues. All thanks to a number of product advantages:

  • availability;
  • free features;
  • unlimited communication;
  • many possibilities;
  • installation on different types and models of devices.

Viber Availability

One of the most important reasons for installing this program is its availability, since Viber can be seen both in the PlayMarket and AppStore, as well as in WindowsMarket. Plus, it’s a completely free app. Every owner of a modern smartphone or other gadget can afford to install it.

Free Features

It’s great that not only the installation of the program is free, but also its main functions (chat correspondence, video calls and regular voice calls) also do not require any financial investments. Thus, even the poorest student will be able to easily get in touch with family and friends at no extra cost.

Watch a video on how to install Viber on a PC.

Unlimited communication

The manufacturer does not limit the potential user to the application in any way in communication: we can chat as much as we like, there are also no frames for mobile calls (you can talk on the phone at least all day long), and during video calls we can chat about everything as much as we need.

Lots of possibilities

Most communication-related add-ons for mobile phones have only one or a few basic functions. For example, in Telegram, we can only chat, in Skype, users mostly conduct video conversations. Viber, on the other hand, combines all the common ways of interaction: chat, call and video.

Installation on different devices

Unfortunately, not every person has the opportunity to purchase a smartphone or computer. Then Viber offers to install the program on other types of devices, for example, on tablet computers.

Instructions for installing Viber on your phone and PC

As for the visual design, everything here is extremely subjective: someone really likes the design of the add-on, someone doesn’t, and he is looking for analogues to Viber. This also applies to ease of use: there are people who find it difficult to understand the mechanisms of the application, they still cannot figure out how to connect Viber to a Samsung phone or any other.

How to install Viber on your phone step by step?

Installing some applications requires the user to have certain knowledge and skill, which is so often lacking for beginners or simply inexperienced users. In such cases, guides come to the rescue on how to install Viber on a Microsoft phone, iPhone or Android.

Instructions for installing Viber on your phone and PC

Installation of any application occurs without the participation of the user. The only thing that may be required is consent.

How to install viber on windows phone?

Not so long ago, phones from the Windows company appeared on the smartphone market, which are fundamentally different from both Android and iPhones. This causes some difficulties for users. They literally do not know how to install Viber on Nokia Lumia (the most common smartphone with window OS).

In principle, the algorithm is the same everywhere. The main thing is to be able to understand your own phone and remember how to open this or that shortcut on your phone.

When using WindowsMarket, the user is required to be registered on the Windows website, otherwise no applications will be available to him. It is better to do this in advance so that later there are no problems and misunderstandings in the process. Accordingly, registration must be done on the official Windows website.

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