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Interactive floor: what is it?



Interactive floor is a technology that allows you to simulate a special platform on the surface in a short time, which helps to activate the mental and physical activity of children. Such a development is a projector that is capable of projecting various schemes and patterns onto a plane, sections of which respond to gestures or movements of players. The uniqueness of this technology is achieved by the possibility of interacting with it not only one person, but also several. It is worth considering that each effect can be configured individually, this allows you to adjust any game for a specific player. For example, when it’s cold, why not play indoor beach volleyball?

The main advantages of such a development are the motor activation of a person, the acquisition of teamwork skills. During the game, children develop motivation for the learning process, as it ensures the interaction of learning and play activities. Also among the advantages are ease of use, portability and safety of the design. Interestingly, the interactive floor can provide a wide range of different entertainment for all ages. 

Interactive floor: what is it?

Interactive floor: video mapping

The entertainment floor requires interior interactive video mapping technology.

Video mapping is an audio-visual system that is created using projector equipment, as well as specialized software. Video mapping allows you to fully take into account the geometric features of the object, as well as its spatial arrangement. 

A "smart" floor is created using interior video mapping, which consists in projecting an image onto the floor surface. The picture is controlled using a laptop on which special software is installed. 

The projection is created by the action of the human participants. It is interesting that such a projection is not subjected to programming for a certain sequence of actions, but it has an infinite number of variations in the development of events. This is a great option for mass events, for example, as an option, you can come up with interesting wedding contests with it.

Interactive floor: what is it?

Interactive floor: what does it consist of?

To provide an entertainment or educational experience using technology such as an interactive floor, you will need a standard equipment of the device. It mainly consists of the following components:

This video shows the interactive floor in action.

If the system is supposed to be used in a kindergarten, it is additionally required to install a protective box that can protect the equipment from accidental damage due to careless children’s movements. 

Such technology can be simple, that is, operate using a single projector, as well as complex, involving the use of more than 1 projection device. The number of projectors is selected according to the playing area. 

When choosing a projection device, it is worth considering that it has its own working resource. So, the device of the average price category will work for approximately 4000 hours. This factor should be weighed against the expected operating time required. 

Interactive floor: what is it?

Installation Features

The basis of the interactive system is a projector, which, in order to organize a developing space, needs to be mounted on the ceiling. It is worth considering that the ceiling must be at least 3 meters in height. The projector must be attached to hard materials such as concrete, brick, metal structures. 

An internet connection is required for the system to work. To do this, you need to use a cable or connect to a network via Wi-Fi. Such a connection is necessary to manage the system using a web interface or a regular laptop. 

A fully prepared structure must be sewn up with a false ceiling, leaving room for the projector beam to pass through. Therefore, in order to prevent damage to the projector, creating such entertainment, it is necessary to select a high-quality device capable of long-term operation. 

It is also worth noting that the system is unpretentious to the composition of the flooring, so it can be installed literally anywhere. However, if frequent use of the development is expected, it is necessary to lay a laminated wear-resistant film. This film has a white color, it is specially designed for floor graphics.

Interactive floor: what is it?

Interactive floor: games for kids

All games developed for the interactive floor are divided into two groups: educational and entertaining. Entertaining projections are necessary for activating the physical activity of children, their emotional discharge, and acquiring the skills of collective games. There is a wide variety of such projections, the most popular are "Busting Balls", "Floating Fishes". 

Educational projections are harder to find than entertainment ones, but some companies specialize in developing products specifically for this area. Of the educational projections, the following developments are in demand for study:

The interactive floor in the educational system should not completely replace conservative teaching methods, but it can be an optimal addition to them. The advantage of the interactive method of learning is that it is initially understandable to most modern children.