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iPad. Apple tablet story


Mobile devices from Apple have long conquered the world. Recently, the new iPad 2 stands out among them. What is the secret of this tablet’s popularity?

First of all, the original "apple" design, which is recognizable at first sight, contributes to the success of this device. In addition, the weight of the tablet is about 600 g, and the thickness is about 9 mm! And most of all, it is surprising that with such dimensions, the developers were able to fit in it:

  • powerful dual-core Apple A5 1 GHz processor, even the most resource-demanding applications can run simultaneously without braking;
  • memory up to 64 GB;
  • camcorders with HD and VGA quality. One is located on the back panel, and the other is on the front, so that you can not only talk to people, but also see them on the screen;
  • widescreen screen with a diagonal of 9.7 inches and a resolution of 1024 × 768 pixels. Thanks to the backlight and large viewing angle (almost 180 degrees), you can enjoy watching movies and photos in any situation;  
  • devices for data transmission in Wi-Fi and/or 3G networks, with which you can not only surf the Internet, but also print pictures and documents without unnecessary wires;
  • sensors (gyroscope, accelerometer, ambient light sensor) and a digital compass that will allow you to enjoy using the tablet in any position, as well as make control in games more natural (especially in racing simulators).

The graphics system of the second iPad has become more powerful by almost nine times. Thanks to this, games have become more colorful and realistic. Upgrading the graphics processor has a positive impact on the work of applications, especially those related to video.

Also in the new tablet there is a video duplication function. With it, you can easily turn your HDTV screen into an iPad screen to enjoy a bigger picture when watching movies and photos.

Despite its modest size, iPad 2 has a battery that can last up to 10 hours non-stop. This is more than enough, for example, to watch movies all night.

The tablet is controlled using the new iOS operating system, which is also the core of the iPhone and iPod touch. On the platform of this system, a huge number of applications have been created to solve a variety of problems.

All these advanced features of the new "Apple" tablet are accompanied by the same quality of any Apple product.

These are the highlights of the iPad 2.

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