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Is it possible and how to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor?


Unfortunately, it is rare that we can quickly adapt and get used to the interface and features of newly installed programs. Despite the simplicity that seems at first glance, we often “slow down" at the most seemingly banal moments. For example, not everyone will be able to tell how to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor. But still, mobile application developers are aimed at simplifying the work with their offspring. It is highly recommended to install all updates for the current hardware version. It might even solve the problem.

Why Viber?

Now each of us wants to find something of high quality even in the field of some Internet technologies. Mobile phone apps are no exception. The software market is full of both quality content and vice versa. But, fortunately, there are really a lot of good messenger applications. There is a choice and it is quite diverse, but, nevertheless, the public has its favorites. Among them is Viber.

  • one of the key features of Viber is the ability to conduct several types of communication: chat correspondence, regular calls to another person’s phone, video calls;
  • since the messenger works only if there is an Internet connection, then all the functions provided by it are absolutely free (you will not have to pay for calls and communication);
  • here we have the opportunity to share photos and original stickers even in group chats.

Of course, it cannot be argued that Viber is the best program among its peers. The subjective opinion of a person always wins in the choice, therefore, to find your pet, you just need to try to search for that very program by trial and error, so that later there are no questions about how to delete a message in Viber on iPhone or Android.

Watch the video about secret chat and banning screenshots in Viber.

How to install Viber?

No matter what anyone says, sometimes even installing some applications on a mobile device can be difficult, especially on new phone models. Not everyone can boast of knowing how to install Viber on a Samsung or iPhone phone.

There is absolutely nothing complicated in this, the main thing is to get the hang of doing everything quickly and find official programs, since only they cannot harm the security of a mobile device.

Is it possible to delete a message from an interlocutor in Viber?

“If you delete a message in Viber, will it be deleted from the interlocutor?” – a question that torments many active users of the messenger. Someone heard something about it, but really can’t say if it’s true or not. It is worth dwelling a little more here.

Is it possible and how to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor?

The fact is that Viber offers users such a function as deleting messages in two directions, which is what both the sender and the recipient have. You can configure how the deletion will go: only for yourself or for everyone (if this is one interlocutor, then for a specific person).

Usually this can be adjusted when you delete it directly, that is, exactly at the moment when you have already clicked on an unnecessary message. An important point: you can only clean messages one at a time in this way, that is, you will have to remove each replica in this way. This is a rather tedious and long process, so there are other ways to get rid of unnecessary data.

How to delete a message in Viber from an interlocutor?

Any user has the ability to cover their tracks by deleting messages with some personal or not so personal information from both sides of the dialogue. You can do this in different ways:

This is true for both single correspondence and chat in a group. Now you know how to delete a message in a group in Viber.

Other Ways to Clear Dialogs

In order not to mock yourself, you can try to use other, less energy-intensive ways to get rid of "garbage" in chats. Their only difference from the above is that the entire dialogue will be deleted only from you, while the interlocutor will be able to re-read it at any time. When it comes to harmless correspondence, then there is absolutely no point in covering your tracks so carefully – just delete the messages in your profile. If it’s the other way around – communication about a serious and secret matter, then it’s better to spend a little of your time and get rid of the “compromising evidence”.

Deleting all dialogs

This method is suitable for those who want to radically delete all-all chats on their account. Sooner or later it comes to everyone.

Deleting correspondence in Viber with a specific person

Surely at least sometimes, but you have to delete correspondence with a specific person or clean messages from spam. In this case, it is better to use the following algorithm:

Click on it, then this dialog will be deleted, but only from your side.

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