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Is it possible to make calls from a tablet and what is needed for this?


Initially, tablets in the usual sense of the word (thin compact devices with a diagonal of 7-10 inches) were designed for web surfing and working with a variety of applications. However, progress does not stand still, and every day user requests are growing more and more. Now many are interested in the question “is it possible to call from a tablet", because this would greatly simplify the task of choosing equipment for everyday use.

Wi-Fi, 3G and GSM

The answer to this question lies in the features of tablet models. There are three main types of tablets on the market today: Wi-Fi enabled, Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, and Wi-Fi, 3G and GSM enabled simultaneously. GSM is just the communication standard, in the presence of which the tablet can be used as a phone. Understand if you have GSM? very simple: there is a slot for a SIM card – you can call, there is no slot – you need to use special programs for calls. This is where the answer to the question lies, is it possible to call from a tablet, as from a mobile phone, in the absence of the possibility of using a SIM card.

Calls using special programs

At the moment, there are several programs that allow you to use a tablet as a phone using the Internet: this is the standard Skype (for tablets using Android, Windows and iOS), Line2 or Fring (only for Apple products) and others, for example, Viber or ooVoo. When using these programs, you can make calls between users for free, however, in order to call a landline or mobile number, you will have to pay real money in accordance with the tariffs of manufacturers. And Line2 for iOS helps your tablet turn into a kind of phone for a monthly fee.

Skype remains the most convenient program – in addition to voice calls, you can use video communication, which, however, will be justified only if you have a front camera. However, any programs that work outside of GSM require high-quality Internet, that is, sufficient speed and stability of communication. Unfortunately, now not all cities have free Wi-Fi on most streets, so you can’t really use a tablet instead of a phone.

Can I make calls from a tablet? Can. Is it possible to replace modern smartphones with tablets? No, as long as it’s unjustified. However, with the development of new technologies, tablets can completely replace phones, which will become obsolete devices, as is now the case with landline phones. The main thing is to patiently wait for this moment, until then choosing the most convenient option for making calls.

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