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Little nightmares game: plot, walkthrough, system requirements.


The game "Little nightmares" is an indie horror game for those who like to tickle their nerves. At first glance, a funny and cute toy, however, after a few minutes, any creak in the room fills you with horror. 

The essence of the game is to save a little girl with a strange and frightening name "Six" from slavery in the mysterious Abyss. Throughout the game, there is some discomfort and slight fear, suggestive of graphics and sounds. Particularly hardened gamers will pass it quickly enough, about 150 minutes. These people will not respond well to a horror story, as they have seen better graphics and special effects than here. However, it is worth noting that the meaning of the game is not to scare the player, but to enable him to understand what is going on in a person’s head during terrible and hopeless situations, and especially in a child – the heroine of this horror. 

Little nightmares game: plot, walkthrough, system requirements.

What is the game about 

Translated into Russian, the game has the name "Nightmares". In terms of size and duration, it is quite small and has only 4 levels. On average, it will take you about 400 minutes (6 and a half hours) to complete all levels. To scare a person is not the main purpose of a toy. Usually, in horror games, a huge number of corpses, blood and murders appear on the screen already in the first minutes, but here everything is different. 

It is quite easy to get used to the terrifying moments and you can already expect what will happen next. In the same game, creepiness will haunt you throughout the game. Throughout the time you will have to move to the exit through a variety of compartments, trying to go unnoticed, solve a variety of logic puzzles and puzzles. 

Each segment of the game world contains puzzles and platform elements. Most often, bloodthirsty monsters do not interfere with the Sixth to deal with puzzles, but there are also more difficult levels where you need to solve everything on the run or trying not to catch the eye of the local inhabitants. 

Little nightmares game: plot, walkthrough, system requirements.

System requirements

Each computer toy requires its own system requirements. For some they are higher, for some they are lower. Knowing the system of your computer and the system requirements of the game you are installing is necessary so as not to break your computer. If the game requires more than your PC can give it, then, at best, you will lose the operating system and all the data that was in the computer, and at worst, it will simply stop working. Before installing the game "Little Nightmares" be sure to pay attention to the characteristics:

This video provides an overview of Little Nightmares.

The plot of the game "Little nightmares"

A little girl dressed in a yellow raincoat wakes up in a suitcase from a bad dream. As it turned out – the reality is just as terrible. The girl was locked up in a giant dark basement. But what is it? In other words, she is not up to it now – she is very hungry and wants to return home. The developers say that the idea of ​​"Little nightmares" came from two different meanings: a vile festival and a house for a doll.

Together, these plans gave rise to horror: a mysterious and gloomy place in which the heroine found herself. From the inside, this place looks like a prison, or maybe a hellish kitchen, or even a huge and long-abandoned Titanic. The girl, with the strange name Six, is still so tiny that she can’t even reach the keyhole. 

The most harmless monster in the toy is the leeches – they, for all intents and purposes, choke if caught. Huge, clumsy cook brothers will send our character to be dismembered, and a watchman with long arms, at best, can put him in a cage. Most of the game is set in gloomy and largely unpainted environments, with Six’s bright, yellow cloak being the only bright spot.

Little nightmares game: plot, walkthrough, system requirements.

The biggest problem during the whole game is hunger. In each mission, the girl needs food in order not to die. With each mission, more and more of it is required, and the fear of starving to death is growing before our eyes. Death from lack of food is a bigger problem than meeting the boss at the end of all levels. All the time you will have to monitor the level of satiety of the character, combine logic with accuracy, so as not to be noticed by monsters and various other negative characters who will now and then try to grab you. 

Games similar to "Little nightmares"

You’ve seen similar games before. The first project of the small studio Krillbite "Among the Sleep" showed us the real world as a two-year-old child sees it. Traveling at night, just like Six, we traveled through the ventilation pipes, climbed over the extended drawers, and hid under the sofa from the monsters. 

Little nightmares game: plot, walkthrough, system requirements.

Lately, it’s customary to revive the main character as close to the point of failure as possible. The behavior of "Little Nightmares" is completely unpredictable. Having fallen into the abyss, it happens that there is a chance to be reborn in another place, but, most often, you have to start the game almost from the very beginning. A serious problem remains, as in other games, such as "Among the Sleep" or "Overnight", quite sensitive and intuitive controls.