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Mystery of the planet Nibiru



Literally 4-5 years ago, we were told about the approach of terrible changes in our lives, cataclysms, hurricanes and earthquakes. Accordingly, the question arises: where does such data come from? Everything is simple. This conclusion was made by astronomers after the discovery of the planet Nibiru. But it also has a second name – planet X. It received this name due to the fact that it can only be seen in infrared radiation. She also has such names as the Black Star, Marduk, the Star of the Apocalypse.

Mystery of the planet Nibiru

Planet Nibiru: when will it approach the earth?

In the last few months, all the media have been giving out the news about the approach of Planet X. John Trowbirge, a specialist working for the US Geological Survey, has detailed when to expect an unidentified object to approach Earth. He announced that today it is possible to say with complete certainty that the planet, unknown so far, really exists. Research in this area has been going on for a long time, but it is not yet possible to determine the trajectory of its rotation. The thing is that the orbit of Nibiru has a peculiar, elliptical shape. The period for which it goes through a full revolution is as much as 3.6 thousand years. An astronomer working at the Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation made an assumption that the mythical object will approach the Earth no earlier than the autumn of 2017. How close it will be or what consequences will follow after this is not exactly said. But it can be said unequivocally that catastrophes will be devastating, becauseThe planets are incommensurable in size .

Mystery of the planet Nibiru

Zecharia Sitchin reassures the population, saying that such a rapprochement may occur no earlier than 2085. He made such conclusions while studying Sumerian legends.

But no matter what they say, no matter how they frighten us with any cataclysms and catastrophes, the population of the earth does not really believe in it. And the thing is that the end of the world has been announced several times already, and people simply stopped waiting. They live for today, work, study, play sports. If any terrible events occur, it is only through the fault of the person himself.

This video offers a version about the planet Nibiru and the end of the world associated with it.

Nibiru planet: NASA

For many centuries, people have discovered new planets. And just recently, a little more than a hundred years after the discovery of the ninth planet of the solar system, Neptune, specialists working at the US Navy Observatory determined that both Uranus and Neptune are affected by the gravity of an unidentified object. Scientists-astronomers said that planet X still exists. In 1983, they launched the Infrared Astronomy Satellite (IRAS). It was he who discovered a certain celestial body, which was located near the constellation Orion. Just 4 (four) years later, NASA announced that this unidentified object, which moves in a very distant orbit, could be this mysterious planet and belong to our solar system. But official data, such as the planet Neptune, which would accurately indicate the presence of such a planet has not yet been presented.

Mystery of the planet Nibiru

Planet Nibiru: is there life there?

The American writer Z. Sitchin wrote that the fictional object is the habitat of a considerable number of alien inhabitants, who are quite intelligent creatures. He identified them with deities from the mythology of Mesopotamia. But studies have shown that on a planet where there is no nearby star warming it, there is no atmosphere, there are strong cosmic winds and strong dustiness, life simply cannot occur. Of course, it can be assumed that the alien race went to live underground, but this is unlikely and has not yet been proven.

Nibiru planet behind the sun

This object has several different names, such as Anti-Earth or Gloria. Earth and Nibiru revolve around the sun at the same speed. That is why it is impossible to see from our planet. However, the Anti-Earth very easily leaves its orbit from any outside interference. Many scientists are sure that this object of the solar system has a rather rich life of alien creatures, since the living conditions are very similar to the conditions of our place of residence. If the civilization living on Gloria is more developed, unlike us, then it will not allow any negative impacts on our planet, since the consequences will be detrimental to their inhabitants due to the relationship with our “home". Another theory of the origin of Nibiru was put forward by the priests of ancient Egypt. They considered

Mystery of the planet Nibiru

Nibiru planet: orbit

Studying the reasons for the displacement of Pluto and Uranus relative to their orbits, astronomers concluded that the mysterious planet has an orbit passing between Jupiter and Mars. Its shape is more like an ellipse, but elongated, and its angle of inclination is quite large relative to the plane of its rotation (almost 30 (thirty) degrees). Since its orbit is very elongated, it takes more than 3,500 years to complete one revolution. And it moves, contrary to the solar system, clockwise. This indicates that the speed of its rotation is much greater than ours, the gravity is much stronger, which means that the consequences of the approach will be serious.

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