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Paper or electronic?


We all know what a book is – it’s rustling pages, colorful illustrations, intricate font, original cover. They are given to us, we are happy to buy, exchange, sell them. In books we draw knowledge, we emphasize something for ourselves. The book is educational. It is also a special kind of recreation. If the work is mental, you can relax with a light, unpretentious book, but if the main type of activity is related to mechanical work, then books for the mind are suitable for you: philosophical, psychological. Everyone has their favorite genre of literature. Someone prefers science fiction, someone detectives, novels, humorous works. But which book to choose: paper or electronic?

Everyone is used to a paper book, it has been with us since childhood. Each book is special, its design is approached very carefully: illustrations, font, edition size, cover design are selected. This is a whole art. When the reader picks it up, he tunes in to the work, in its own way. This feeling of the book remains throughout the reading. But what about the e-book? It has a standard design, no individuality of the work, the device needs to be charged, physical damage is possible, some publishing houses release works only in paper form, manufacturers can remotely delete information from your e-books, e-books are more expensive than usual – this is one of the minuses. The advantages are that this book is lighter and more compact than paper, you can increase or decrease the font, change it, place the text in several columns, a large number of works are stored on one medium, according to which the search is configured, which speeds up the work with the text. And some texts can be found for free on the Internet: this is due to the fact that the publisher has less costs for the electronic version than for the paper one.

Which option to choose is up to you. The main thing is that the book brings joy, distracts from the hustle and bustle, relaxes and gives the knowledge and skills you need. And what it will be, paper or electronic, is a secondary question.

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