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Path of the laborer of the network


I am an ordinary user of the Internet, the same as most of the users registered in it. Internet in my house appeared two years ago. Then I didn’t even think that it was possible to earn money from nothing, now my opinion has changed. Do you want to know my whole way? It’s good to have a little patience, and I will lay out almost all my efforts to earn money, having practically nothing but the desire to earn money and a computer with the Internet.

The first method I tried was clicks on email sponsors. Despite the fact that I have read many articles that did not recommend this type of income for those who want to really earn money, curiosity got the better of it. I will not say that it was difficult, no, this type of receiving money is very tedious and ineffective. There are very few letters, about 10 per week, they pay about $ 0.01 for them, funny, right? But I firmly believed that earnings are still real, and continued to click. I took tasks, looked at surfing sites, bought referrals … But! After three days of very tedious work, I got … how much do you think? No, not 30, not 20 and not even $1! My earnings for three days amounted to $ 0.3. What is it? I was disappointed too. After a little thought and looking through the Internet, I dismissed the idea of ​​earning on clicks. The next chapter of my attempts to earn extra money was file hosting (FO).

Path of the laborer of the network

Now there are many sites that have articles where it is written that you can earn decent money on file hosting. I will not dispute this position, because I see tables of the best workers in this industry. What are earnings from $400 to $1500 worth! Plus bonuses for the best – doubling the amount earned. From the very appearance of the Internet in my house, my friends and I hatched the idea of ​​​​our own music site, where we will “beat money" on our files. But the idea suffocated because there was no desire to do something. Therefore, I had to look for already promoted sites. So I found a site with mini-games. There were about 1000 registered users and a bunch of ordinary guests. After settling there, for about six months I downloaded games and built up a reputation for myself. Then the admin signed me up as an editor who can add games to the site. Adding is easy All you have to do is fill out the easy forms. To do this, you need to upload games to the FD, from which then the download occurs.

This is exactly what we need, so I actively set to work. I do not think that I was a very diligent editor, but I worked for about six months, and I had just enough money to pay for Internet access (something around 450 rubles a month). But the ardor faded, tired of looking for toys, taking screenshots, etc. Therefore, I had to look for other options, but I can advise this way of making money for beginners, there is nothing difficult about it. On the Internet, you can read many articles about making money on warez portals, but I will not review it, because I describe my path and did not work there. Moving on: casinos and gambling.

Path of the laborer of the network

I must say right away: this is only for cold-blooded people, there is no place for excitement here. It was because of this defect that almost nothing happened to me. So, let’s begin.

Under no circumstances enter videos like "How to Beat the Casino" or "Make $400 in Five Minutes". I tell you with full confidence that this is a fake spread by the owners of online casinos to attract visitors and suckers. Almost all of these videos describe how you can win at roulette using the Martingale system, which is called win-win and true. However, this system has existed for many years and is called the most aggressive and dangerous when playing roulette. If you see a system where, after each loss, the stakes are doubled, then this is the Martingale. I repeat once again: do not try to play like this, you will certainly lose when a series of 13 numbers of one color goes, and you bet on another.

Here is a description of my roulette experience. I deposited $15 into my casino account. Playing by Martingale, I managed to increase this amount to $30. The next step was the withdrawal of funds. Half, i.e. I withdrew 15$, 15 remained on the account. It was here that the greed of the fraer ruined it. The fact is that the casino will never let you win, especially large sums. It got to the point that in half an hour I lost everything that was in my wallet, i.e. my 15 bucks. It was only then that I began to look for roulette game systems and found that Martingale is the most dangerous of them.

Path of the laborer of the network

Having understood and weighed everything, I had to quit this venture. Now my mind has shifted to safer undertakings. The next step was a less gambling site like Kamikaze and Heads and Tails. I managed to find a game system in "Kamikaze" and it turned out to fill it with 50 rubles. up to 200 rubles. However, then a streak of bad luck followed, and nothing happened. And so ended my acquaintance with the world of gambling.

Making money on articles is what I hope to earn now. For this type of earnings, knowledge of the Russian language, possession of a style and the ability to make the reader understand the essence of the article and cause a desire to read it to the end are necessary. So far, this type of employment has not borne fruit, but I believe that this is fertile enough ground for work.

In order to earn really big money on the Internet, you need to not just work, but “plow”. The Internet is a reflection of real life in digital format, no one will just give you either their own or other people’s money, therefore, in order to make money, you need to find your own stream and work in this area to calluses on your fingers and pain in your eyes. Never believe ads like "magic wallets" or financial pyramids, firmly go to your goal and you will succeed! Good luck making money online!

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