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Phones with built-in GPS



Smartphones with a built-in GPS system allow you to track your own location. This function is used to provide navigation, so many people use GPS smartphones to get directions or when traveling to unfamiliar cities and countries. 

Such phones can significantly save money when buying a car, as they can completely replace the built-in auto-navigation. It is worth considering that if a smartphone that supports this function does not initially have programs for navigation, they can be downloaded. Also, in the absence or poor performance of the built-in system on the gadget, you can install an external antenna on it, which will allow you to more accurately determine the location and lay successful routes.

Phones with built-in GPS

Rating phones with GPS

To ensure maximum contact with satellites, it is necessary to select a high-quality smartphone. Based on user feedback, a rating of the best models that support this feature has been compiled.

Any of these smartphones will become not only an excellent navigator that will be convenient to use in a car, but also a useful gadget. This is due to the fact that the presented models are characterized by excellent screen resolution, optimal dimensions for landing in the hand, good sound and camera, high battery capacity. This rating also includes expensive models, but their price corresponds to the declared quality.

If a person is considering budget models, he should pay attention to points 7-10 – the price of such smartphones is in the range of 5-11 thousand rubles. 

Phones with built-in GPS

How to download GPS on your phone?

In most modern smartphones, such a navigation system is installed by default. To activate it, you need to go to the gadget settings section and enable the function. Then you need to activate the Maps application. The location of the gadget will be determined within a few seconds or minutes – depending on the power of the phone. If the navigation system does not work, it should be adjusted. An example of setting on the Android platform:

This video shows the operation of the navigation system on several phones. 

To increase the performance of the gadget, you can activate the Wireless networks function, which is located in the settings menu.

GPS programs: phone

In addition to the basic programs installed on the smartphone by default, you can download other navigation applications.

Updates are made once a week.

Each of these programs allows you to quickly build the necessary route. All applications have a voice assistant. 

Phones with built-in GPS

Where is the GPS on the phone?

In most phones, the GPS antenna is located in the body of the gadget near the camera. It is worth considering that it may differ in incomplete performance indoors or in cloudy weather. Sometimes devices cannot detect a single satellite, so some users resort to using an external antenna.

The installation of such antennas is done without any risk to the device. The best option is the use of Bluetooth antennas. They allow you to transfer any received data using the Bluetooth protocol, which eliminates the need for additional connectors. Installation of external antennas can be carried out not only when the built-in device is inactive, but also to enhance the reception of signals from an already operating system. 

If the navigation system does not work correctly, it is necessary to diagnose it using the GPS Tools program, which will not only reveal the degree of satellite activity, but also errors in the operation of the built-in antenna. After they are eliminated, the signal reception level should resume.

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