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Planet Nibiru



The first mention of it has been known since the time of the Sumerians. It was they who described not nine, as we used to think, but ten planets of the solar system. That tenth planet was considered the Black Star, the Star of the Apocalypse, the Destroyer or Nibiru. According to some predictions, 2017 will be fatal for our planet, because the approach of Nibiru is just around the corner. But the question arises: if everything is so serious, why is no attempt made to protect themselves from colliding with her?

Planet Nibiru

Mysterious planet Nibiru: description

Marduk, X, Nibiru – as soon as they do not call this amazing, mysterious planet. She is more mythological than real, wandering throughout the entire solar system. There is no hard evidence of the existence of this "traveler" yet. All arguments are based on the mythology of the Sumerians. But the first who began to study and check (albeit relatively) is Sitchin Zechariah. In his scientific writings, he talks about the fact that the Sumerians had unique knowledge, and even in the third millennium BC they mentioned planet X. They claimed that once every 3,600 years it comes as close as possible to the Earth. From this come multiple cataclysms and catastrophes. Such phenomena occur due to the gravitational field of an unidentified planet. 

Two centuries ago, no one could have thought that scientists would be able to prove that the Black Star exists. The interest in such data was enormous. And this is not surprising. After all, it cannot be seen through a telescope, since it appears only in infrared light.    

Planet Nibiru

Space body – Nibiru planet: dimensions

The size of this celestial body is much larger than you can imagine. Its weight, according to an off-system mass unit, is about 23.88876 * 1024 kg, and its size is larger than Jupiter (and this is the largest planet in the solar system). It turns out that the planets of the solar system are difficult to find in size. The orbit of this space object is rather elongated, and its speed is 102 kilometers per 1 second. The space body is surrounded by a dense cloud of dust and gases. It will be possible to see it only at the moment of the beginning approach and only in the northern hemisphere. When crossing the plane of our system, as well as a significant approach, various cataclysms occur, which may well lead to the death of civilization.

This video raises the question of whether the mysterious planet "X" exists?

Nibiru planet: end of the world when deviating from the axis

No matter how scary it may sound, but the end of the world can still come. This was discussed both in 2012 and in 2013. Zecharia Sitchin devoted many years to studying the data on the mythical planet. According to his research, the end of the world may come in 2085. The exact time and date, of course, no one knows. But according to physicists, astronomers and mathematicians, at that moment some deviation from the axis of rotation of our planet will begin. 

Planet Nibiru

A similar phenomenon was observed in 2009 in Australia. Then the city of Sydney was covered with a red cloud, it was impossible to breathe. All the media wrote only about the inexplicable weather phenomenon. But the official authorities did not give full information on this matter. We can only hope that this is just a coincidence and that no terrible consequences will come.

According to Valery Ivanovich Shematovich, a well-known astronomer from the INASAN RAS, it is not worth instilling alarm and inducing panic. In the large cities of our country, very powerful telescopes are installed, the planets are not just huge, but very large, these devices help to see and recognize the danger long before it appears on earth.

Planet Nibiru

Nibiru planet: latest news

In 2016, the US Geological Survey expressed the opinion that Nibiru exists, and not only does it come close to our Earth. This is indicated by numerous volcanic eruptions, increased earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and hurricanes. It is impossible not to notice the climate change around the globe, multiple natural anomalies.

But British scientist David Mead said that the end of the world will come soon. On October 5, 2017, the mysterious planet X will completely cover the Sun, and then collide with the Earth. But this is just a guess based on his own research.

To date, no new discoveries regarding a mysterious object that can cause damage to our planet have not been made. But more recently, an object was discovered that is located at the edge of our solar system. The unknown yet planet is similar to Nibiru in terms of rotation period and weight. But there has not yet been a specific statement on this issue. Many experts still express their opinion on what to worry about, you should not panic. Modern technologies allow us to see the impending threat in a timely manner. But no one will deny that our solar system has not yet been studied. Therefore, research in this direction continues.  

Planet Nibiru

Nibiru Planet: The Truth Through Space Explorers

Currently, many scientists, astronomers, space explorers and just amateurs are competing to be the first to prove that the "invisible" planet does not exist. Tucker Brad, who is the head of the National University of Australia, and his team launched a project to search for the mythical object, as well as other planets. During the period of this project, more than 4 (four) million different objects were opened. This gives hope that after some time evidence of the existence or not of this mysterious object will be found.

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