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Programs for modeling apartment design


Do you want to make repairs, but doubt the choice of design? Consider several programs with which you can easily experiment with the interior of the apartment and create your own unique project.

Aston design. With this program, you can create a model of your living space, paint the floor, ceiling and walls, install any doors and windows, select furniture and appropriate accessories. Aston dizayn options include a wide range of modular and cabinet furniture: living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, children’s rooms, libraries, wardrobes, coffee tables.

PRO100. A fairly powerful program for modeling the future interior. Professionals will appreciate such functions as alignment, positioning, turns. In addition, each object has its own properties window: name, dimensions, type of material, and others. PRO100 gives a unique opportunity to see the created interior in seven projections, including perspective. Five orders of light projection: Wireframe, Sketch, Color, Texture and Realistic Rendering will greatly facilitate your modeling process. The PRO100 features allow you to use effects such as transparency, outline, shading.

FloorPlan 3D is a program with which you can navigate through a room design in 3D space. At the same time, the layout and interior can be viewed from any point of view and from different angles. With the FloorPlan3D program, you can easily select the necessary materials for finishing doors, stairs, ceilings, walls and windows. Pleasantly surprised by the realism of the created images. A huge plus of FloorPlan3D is its ease of use. You can simply use the library of typical interiors, select a ready-made project in it and, on its basis, develop something of your own, original and unique.

Here are some of the many programs for modeling the interior of your apartment. Try, experiment, and you will definitely get something interesting!

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