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Recommendations for the use of anti-bugs


Oddly enough, but spy equipment is necessary not only for those who intend to secretly obtain the confidential data of a company, steal passwords from bank cards, but also for charlatans who steal money in more sophisticated ways. A person in a fuss sometimes does not even notice how he is being deceived out of the blue. And all this becomes possible thanks to the use of listening devices that are disguised in your home.

Add to this a little ingenuity and the spiritist magician is ready! He will help you solve all the problems in the family that no one knows about, but he knows – the great hereditary sorcerer. You can fence yourself off from such witchers only with the help of anti-bugs. Then the pseudo sorcerer simply will not have information about your private life. How does such a scheme of deception work and what to do if you suspect something is wrong?

Everything is very simple. In fact, the most difficult thing for such scammers is installing a bug in your apartment. The problem is not to install it – the miniature size of the spy equipment removes the need for serious disguise, but to get inside. But there are a thousand and one ways to do it. For example, posing as a social worker, a representative of a political party, or an advertising agent. Such people have a finely developed ability to manipulate people. First of all, you should avoid the fact that the person was directly in your house. If this nevertheless happened, then leaving him in a room alone is strictly prohibited. This will make it less likely that he will be able to plant a bug. Although professionals do it so skillfully that you will not notice it anyway.

Then the long tracking process begins. Charlatans listen to you, they are aware of all your domestic conflicts and problems. And one fine day, as a messenger of God, he appears, introducing himself to you as a magician in the third tribe. Naturally, when he voices a few facts from your "private" life, you will believe in his magical abilities. And then – a matter of technology, you yourself will give him all your money, and even borrow from above. You can avoid all these troubles only by regularly examining your apartment for hidden bugs, no matter what size they are, which are detected by the detector in no time. You should not let a stranger get into your life, but you can deal with family troubles yourself, you just really want it and make a little effort to find a compromise.

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