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Several ways to connect a TV to a computer


Thanks to modern technology, almost everyone can watch a movie that has recently been released on TV if they wish. So, this is quite real thanks to the ability to connect the TV to a computer, even via USB.

Features of connecting a TV to a computer through tulips

It should be said that among the people there is such a thing as cables "Tulips". But, in the language of experts, this is a similar RCA interface, one of the most convenient options for connecting TV through an antenna jack. It also received the name – composite, because it has three nests to make it easier for people.

Several ways to connect a TV to a computer

They are marked with three bright colors:

  • yellow. Indicates the broadcast of the video signal;
  • white. To transmit one channel for stereo audio;
  • red. Designed to transmit the second channel of the same audio signal.

Before connecting them to the TV, you will need to unplug the device from the outlet, this is necessary to preserve the performance of the computer’s video card.

Setting up the PC. When you plug in the cable and turn on the PC, you will see new specific winks on the monitor during Windows boot. It is this blinking that indicates that it has detected a connection from an external input source. Next you have to do:

As for setting up the TV, it consists in doing the following:

Watch a video on how to connect a TV to a PC through tulips.

If you have done all the rules, then after the last action, your PC desktop will appear on your TV monitor. And also, we should not forget about the rather simple and quick possibility of connecting a TV to a computer through a router.

Secrets of connecting a TV to a computer wirelessly

Today, there are two main ways to connect without wires:

By using WIFI. In this case, we are talking about the usual connection of a TV, as one of the usual home network gadgets. In this case, the main thing is that the TV is equipped with an on-board network card with a WIFI adapter. The scheme of work is that you need to connect to WIFI, then create a special home network on the PC, it can simply have a hard drive or just a device. This directly depends on the configuration of the equipment.

Several ways to connect a TV to a computer

Connection with additional devices. Compared to the first option, it is more complex. To implement this method, you will need a wireless USB to VGA adapter. But keep in mind that this is quite expensive equipment and not everyone can afford to buy it. And also, a very important point of such a connection should be called the fact that only a picture is broadcast, there will be no sound. To transmit sound, you will also need to connect via HDMI. As for connecting a TV to a computer on Windows, it consists in performing a number of special actions that are provided specifically for this version of the OS.

And also, we should not forget about the existence of special programs for connecting a TV to a computer. In this case, we are talking about the use of home media servers. The essence of working with these programs is that you must:

As a result, you get various content that will be broadcast on a large monitor.

More options for connecting a PC to a TV

How strange, but there are quite a few different options, using which you can quickly connect a computer to a TV and use the latter as a regular monitor. The most common options include:

  • using VGA;
  • using S-Video;
  • combination from different outlets.

using VGA. In simple words, VGA is a universal port that is found in all video cards, thanks to which an analog signal can be transmitted. If both of your devices support this port, then you only need a special VGA cable to establish a connection.

Several ways to connect a TV to a computer

With S-Video. Many modern video cards are equipped with an S-Video output, which allows you to transmit a video signal as an analog form. The latest TV models, manufacturers equip with multifunctional SCART ports. So, if you buy a SCART to S-Video adapter, as well as an S-Video cable, then in the end you will get a better connection than using VGA.

Combination from different outlets

Often there are situations when the devices do not have the above connectors. Most often, there are some outputs on TV, and completely different ones on the PC. In this case, you will need to decide exactly which outputs you would like to use and, based on this choice, buy the necessary cables. An excellent solution in this situation would be the purchase of special convectors, thanks to which you will be able to connect different ports to each other.

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