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SMM promotion tools in social networks


Reputable companies, represented by their own website on the Internet, are happy to use SMM promotion services, because they know that such skillful promotion will bring them a large number of targeted visitors. Therefore, many WEB-studios are ready to offer their services in SMM promotion.

But you should not delude yourself that sending out simple spam on social networks will attract a lot of visitors to the site. Such a mailing will most likely be banned, and the promotion will end before it even starts. In addition, if people who are not interested in the topic are attracted to the site, they will immediately leave it, while the search engines will record a refusal, which will only go to the minus. The real goal of social promotion is not only to lure a visitor to the site, but also to turn him into a client, and this will require certain promotion tools in social networks.

Variety of SMM tools

In fact, there are a lot of tools suitable for SMM promotion. The fact is that brand advertising in social networks is designed to arouse interest among living people, and not insensitive search engine robots. The main point here is that the material can fit organically into the canvas of the social community where SMM optimization is carried out.

The SMM tool is usually the publication of materials of interest to users of this community. It should be immediately emphasized that the SMM specialist must be skilled enough to attract the interest of users to the site being optimized, without being simultaneously included in the list of spammers, because this may result in a ban on the publication of any materials on this network.

SMM promotion tools in social networks

SMM tools for ratings and statistics

  • Popsters is handy when analyzing communities, it is able to search for viral and popular posts in an arbitrary community (VK, Ok, FB, then YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Coub, Flickr Pinterest were added). The new update added the ability to analyze activity in a graphical form of various accounts and other functions.
  • Socialboard has become a good service for analyzing and searching for communities, it saves all messages from 50 thousand subscribers (even those excluded from the search).
  • Jagajam.com contains SMM tools for advanced statistics on communities, can identify the core of the audience and evaluate its activity.
  • Wtfonvk.com provides a list of interesting VK users and communities.
  • All social gives a rating of popular publications on the VKontakte network with at least 50 thousand subscribers. It does not just give out a list of groups, but can rank it and subject it to analytics. It is very useful for choosing a site when placing ads in VK.
  • Bottle nose is convenient for analyzing and demonstrating the activity of participants in various social networks. Unlike most competitors, it is able to visually track the most popular topics of discussion.
  • Conversation Score is a tool designed to measure the effectiveness of Facebook content. The assessment is carried out according to a number of parameters: the activity and involvement of visitors in discussions, the quality of published materials.
  • With Postling, small businesses can track activity in audience networks, making summary reports on the most famous social networks. There is an opportunity for delayed publication (and on all platforms at once), as well as a deployed notification system.

Video about social media promotion tools

Autoposting tools

Other programs for smm contain auto-posting tools that allow you to save a lot of time when maintaining communities simultaneously in different social networks.

  • Time2post.ru is a free veteran auto-posting app that lets you post to multiple social networks at the same time. He works on Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte and even LinkedIn.
  • Sociate.ru is actually an advertising exchange in Odnoklassniki and VK, but with its help you can use auto-posting for free. Let’s use this tool for VK, Facebook and Odnoklassniki.
  • Smmplanner.com is a relatively new resource with a user-friendly interface and good design. Works with VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Twitter. But it is paid, unlike the previously indicated resources. Although the prices do not bite too much (unlimited for only 130 rubles), in addition, there is a developed bonus system that allows you to earn 50-100 free posts every month. For many, this is enough.
  • Amplifr.com is a fairly well-known resource that, in addition to sending posts to various social networks, is able to provide quite detailed statistics: comments, likes, reposts, and also work with many social networks. You can test the program for a week for free, and then you have to pay.

SMM promotion tools in social networks

Advertising tools

  • vk.com/ads – the official account of targeted advertising VK.

  • plibber.ru – the address of the advertising exchange in social networks (Odnoklassniki, VK, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), positively differs from others in a lower commission, user-friendly interface and the presence of Instagram support.

  • soclike.ru is a quite solid automatic service used for cheating on Odnoklassniki, Facebook, VK, Twitter and Instagram. An important point for VK is the absence of bots and dogs, the use of a VIP tariff is required. Allows Instagram to cheat accounts that are more than a week old.

  • prospero.ru – with the help of this advertising exchange, you can organize an advertising campaign and earn money on accounts located in Google +, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Twitter. But these sites are of lower quality, and there are no statistics.

  • seedr.ru is an exchange of viral and promotional videos, almost always interesting and high-quality campaigns at a low (1 ruble) cost.

  • pepper.ninja is a unique service with fundamentally new features for scraping Facebook and VK. The tool is designed for targeted advertising, with its help it is much more efficient and easier to promote a product on social networks, as well as to grow your own audience.

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