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Space tourism as an innovative market product



In order to prepare for flights, special trainings are held. Under the supervision of specialists, people who want to fly into space receive identical loads that they can receive during their journey from planet Earth to their destination.

Space tourism Virgin Galactic

Back in 1967, Eric Kraft and Barron Hilton published works where the idea of ​​space tourism was reflected for the first time. Moreover, this should have happened on a commercial basis, but each idea should come on time. Apparently, at that time, humanity was not yet ready for waking flights, and therefore an excellent business plan did not have the due success and was put on the back burner. Over time, the idea of ​​flying ceased to seem so absurd, and Blue Origin showed a capsule for space tourism. This is how we acquire space tourism for ourselves as an innovative market product available for a fee. Pay and fly, if quite literally.

Space tourism as an innovative market product

Space tourism in Russia: when was it formed?

Space tourism received serious development by the end of the 20th century. The International Astronautical Congress listened to a paper on the possible consequences of the introduction of this product on economic development, and this topic seemed quite interesting, causing a lot of gossip in the circles of not only scientists, but also businessmen. A teacher from America, Christy McAuliffe, was predicted to be the debutante of this event. But because of the tragedy, she could not do it. Christie died while launching the Challenger in 1986. 

In connection with this unfortunate incident, the United States passed a law to prevent space flights from persons who have not undergone special training. In the 90s, the first space tourists went out of the Earth’s atmosphere – Akiyama Toyohiro and Sharman Helen from Japan and the UK. They visited the Mir station, owned by the Soviet Union. Financing was undertaken by private individuals funding a British consortium.

Space tourism as an innovative market product

To date, there is only one station for tourism of this type – the ISS (International Space Station). You can get on it using the services of the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. The direct organization of flights is occupied by Roskosmos, as well as Space Adventures. These companies have been actively cooperating in the provision of this type of tourism services since 2001, and their work is very productive. Thanks to their activities, those who wish can make an unforgettable flight of their lives.

Space tourism in Russia 2016: what was it like?

Trainings are obligatory before flying into space, they help to overcome the fear of flying. Training takes place in special installations, as well as small-sized aircraft, in which weightlessness is created under certain conditions.

It happens in Star City, Shchelkovo near Moscow. Despite the rather high fares (after all, the cost of one flight is in the range of 2-24 million dollars, and now it has increased to 40 million), the number of people who are eager to get new experiences and new sensations is constantly increasing. For those who wish to go into outer space, the price of the issue will be another 3 million dollars. But what, to be in space and not "breathe deeply"? Absurd. Therefore, it is imperative to go into a vacuum. And then when you have to. Especially for such a price. 

This video provides an overview of prices for space tourism.

Tourism was pioneered by Dennis Tito. This is a brave American with Italian roots, whose thirst for new sensations has thrown into the orbit of the Earth. In 2001, he visited the ISS, getting there aboard the Soyuz spacecraft. It happened on April 28, and the team also included professional astronauts: Kazakh Talgat Musabayev and Russian Yuri Baturin. 

The next commercial tourist to make history was Mark Shuttleworth. His company is engaged in the introduction of new operating systems in the life of mankind. The flight took place from April 25 to May 5, 2002. Mark was also accompanied by professionals: Yuri Gidzenko and Roberto Vittori. Both Mark and Dennis contributed $20 million to the Russian Federal Space Agency. But it was worth it, we think. 

The American Gregory Olsen was also lucky to be outside the Earth. Having passed through all the obstacles (and after all, at first he was not allowed to fly because he did not pass the medical examination, or he brought the tests to the wrong place), he nevertheless escaped from his native planet. Again, with an escort from the bison of astronautics: Valery Tokarev and William MacArthur. 

Space tourism as an innovative market product

Not without the fair sex in this case. As you know, girls are very curious, and even the opportunity to pinch her nose with a pressure helmet did not stop Anoushe Ansari: on September 18, 2006, this brave American, the daughter of the Iranian people, broke away from the Earth. She trained before this event in Russia and in America. Mikhail Tyurin and Michael Lopez took part in the flight. But Charles Simonyi not only touched the Universe, he also conducted scientific activities: while in orbit, he was an experimental specimen in studies on the effect of weightlessness on the blood, as well as radioactive influences. This happened in 2007. 

Garriott’s father and son have both been in space. He also conducted research in extraterrestrial conditions – he grew protein crystals. During this flight, there were astronauts on board with their sons, who continue the dynasty of brave flyers, and this was very symbolic.

Space tourism as an innovative market product