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Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Viber on Samsung


The Android operating system has literally flooded the whole world of mobile technologies all over the world. Every seventh active Internet user has a smartphone based on the Android operating system. Its main advantage is simplicity and practicality of use. Even the most inept and inexperienced person, after a few minutes of studying the proposed phone, will be able to perform the simplest operations with the gadget. What can we say about advanced users who Android smartphones help make life easier. But alas, some owners do not know how to connect Viber on a Samsung phone or any other with Android OS.

Analogues for Viber

Despite the popularity of Viber in the circles of many people, there are those for whom the application is not suitable for seemingly banal and completely subjective reasons. For example, someone may be annoyed by the colors of the main working screen of the program, someone may not like the stickers offered by Viber, and someone just wants to find another messenger for the sake of diversity in order to expand their social circle. You can’t blame people for this, on the contrary, you need to try to help them in this difficult choice. In total, in the mobile add-ons market, developers offer us a huge variety of interesting options, the most popular of which are:

  • WhatsApp;
  • Skype;
  • Line;
  • Telegram.

Many of our fellow citizens actively use applications from the proposed list, because, as they say, interaction with them is much easier than Viber. Some do not even imagine how to install Viber on a Nokia phone or any other Android model.


Most of the advanced users literally oppose WhatsApp and Viber as the main competitors in the messenger market for mobile phones. This fierce and really active struggle can be noticed by anyone who at least occasionally checks the reviews and popularity of certain programs.

Interestingly, the main audience of WhatsApp are the owners of iPhones. The problem is that not everyone can immediately figure out how to install Viber on an iPhone. Then people need to look for a replacement for the software that is difficult for them, which leads them to WhatsApp.

There are differences between the two messengers. WhatsApp is basically a text chat tool without the ability to make a voice or video call. Viber, on the contrary, gives us the opportunity to exchange information with friends and relatives: both through regular text messages, and with the help of free calls and free video calls.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Viber on Samsung


Perhaps the most famous of these programs. It allows you to communicate with people over vast distances for free using video calls or regular mobile calls. 


Japanese social network for young people. It also allows users to contact each other for free, and even use cute stickers and emoticons.

Watch a video about connecting Viber to a Samsung phone.


Messenger created by our compatriot Pavel Durov (he also created the social network VKontakte). Its distinguishing feature is keeping your data completely safe without the possibility of reading it. It provides only text communication.

How to connect viber to samsung?

Samsung is an extremely popular model of Android smartphones. Many people know that this company was one of the first to start the transition to a modern operating system and software. It is believed that this is the main competitor of Apple products in the gadget market.

Despite all the seeming ease of use, an inexperienced user will not be able to immediately understand the principles of the system, as well as understand how to connect Viber on a Samsung phone. This is not so difficult to do, the main thing is to understand all the programs used in this case. Owners of other brands and models of phones should also take note of this, since the application installation algorithm for Android OS is identical.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect Viber on Samsung

How to connect Viber on your phone: step by step instructions

This is the most effective, fastest and most common way out of this situation:

An important point of installation

You should not download any applications from PlayMarket if at that time your device is using mobile Internet, and not a wireless network. The fact is that the weight of many applications (including Viber) is quite large, because of this there is too much traffic spent on one-time jumps. And, of course, from this follows an overpayment for using the Internet.

It’s better to be patient a little and get to the place where Wi-Fi catches, and then with its help download what you need.

Installing Viber on other Android smartphones

As mentioned just above, not all users can instantly answer the question of how to install Viber on Samsung, Nokia Lumiya or any other device model with Android OS. In this case, you need to use the same algorithm that is designed for Samsung smartphones.