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Structured water at home: a guarantee of health, a source of energy


Water has a powerful energy potential, and this invisible energy charge in a certain way affects the human biofield. Water is capable of fixing and retaining already accomplished events and intentions that have not yet been implemented at the energy-information level. She sees everything and remembers everything.

“Memory of water" is not just a beautiful phrase, having a memory of water, it is distinguished by a special way of arranging molecules. The modern possibilities of science made it possible to visually see how the structure of water changes, over which a prayer was read. When ordinary water freezes, its constituent molecules freeze in a disorderly chaos, while water, charged with the holy word, is a distinct geometric shape.

At all times and among all nationalities, water has been a symbol of purity and purification. In nature, water is purified in a natural way, carrying out a constant and unchanging cycle, evaporating from the water surface, condensing, freezing and returning to Earth as precipitation.

Structured water at home: a guarantee of health, a source of energy

The real thing about tap water

It’s time to "land" and remember what kind of water a person uses in everyday life. Having a general idea of ​​the quality of this vital fluid, people in fuss and busyness do not think about the harm that they cause to their body.

Opening the faucet in the kitchen, everyone sees a trickle of water, seemingly clean, without an unpleasant odor, what else do you need? And you need to think and imagine how the water got to your house. Somewhere far away, on some pond, a powerful pump pumps water into a pipe. It is good if the source of water supply is a river, i.e. the water there is flowing, renewable, but more often it will be a city pond. So, water is in an iron pipe, slick from the inside, which has been accumulating a lot of things on its walls for decades. It is hard to imagine what exactly accumulated and deposited there, but definitely, this “something” does not make water cleaner. To complete the picture, it should be added that old, rusted pipes let in everything that is in the surrounding soil.

It was a creepy picture. Where is the exit, what to do? There is a way out, you need to make useful, healthy water yourself. This water is called structured, living.

Structured water at home: a guarantee of health, a source of energy

How to make structured water without leaving the kitchen

Now everything is on point and in order:

  1. The required amount of water is collected in the pan. Practice shows that at least five liters are required per family per day. Water is taken from the same tap, but it is better to pass it through the filter first.
  2. It is put on fire, and brought almost to a boil, i.e. the first bubbles appear, the water turns white, immediately off the stove.
  3. After waiting for complete cooling, you need to put water in the freezer of the refrigerator, or you can also on the balcony if it is winter. The container can be plastic, it can be enameled, it should only be remembered that the liquid expands significantly when it freezes.
  4. After about 20 hours, a layer of ice half a centimeter thick is observed. Deuterium is concentrated in this crust – heavy water, the molecules of which are assembled from heavy hydrogen atoms. The fact that deuterium is not useful to the body has been proven for a long time.
  5. The main amount of water has not yet frozen, a hole is made in the ice, and the liquid is poured into another container.
  6. The drained water is again subjected to freezing, and the ice is thrown away.
  7. After the water freezes by two-thirds, the remaining liquid should be removed. She is no longer needed. It collected all unnecessary salts and other impurities. Ice is important at this stage.

At room temperature, complete thawing occurs, the process is completed, something that will delight and heal is obtained – structured water at home. It is also called protium water, and some consider it the most delicious water in the world. Structuring, for example, with silicon, will serve as the last chord. 5-7 pieces of silicon with a diameter of 3-4 centimeters are enough for 5 liters. The process takes days. If, in addition, any silver object is placed in the container, the development of microorganisms is guaranteed to be inhibited.

Now for the benefits

The question of how to make structured water has been successfully resolved. Are the efforts justified? What is the difference between plain water and water received by us?

Protium water corresponds to the structure of the liquid in the human body. This is biologically active, almost natural melt water, which promotes better metabolism, rapid removal of toxins and toxins. The body easily absorbs protium water, and if it enters the house for a long time, it will soon be possible to notice how, after washing, the skin will be cleansed and rejuvenated, and the hair will become stronger and softer. The likelihood of deposition of stones in the kidneys and bile duct will decrease. It is truly living water.

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