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Unlimited satellite internet


In order to enter the network and use all the functions of modern devices and their programs, you need to have a constant, stable Internet connection at an acceptable speed. In urban conditions, it is enough for providers to simply provide a constant and stable connection to the Internet, but problems arise when the client is away from the city, for example, in a summer cottage.

Unlimited satellite internet

Many people think that the problem can be solved by connecting 3G / 4G, but as practice shows, the coverage area of ​​​​cellular communications with this technology outside of large cities and main highways is only a few percent. The way out of this situation can be called unlimited satellite Internet, which was previously used exclusively by legal entities, large companies, but today the proposed tariff plans allow individuals to become a client of the operators in question.

Satellite Internet unlimited: technology features

A few years ago, many people installed satellite television at home, which allows you to view numerous channels in high quality. The essence of satellite Internet is similar:

Representatives of the provider can set up the equipment to be installed if the service is connected. Note that setting up satellite equipment is more complicated than a conventional modem with a wired connection. To avoid mistakes, you should trust the work of professionals.

After that, the tuner can be connected to a modem, some models directly to a computer or have built-in Wi-Fi to create a wireless environment. It all depends on the type of equipment being installed.

Watch a video about the conditions for using satellite Internet technology.

An unlimited satellite Internet tariff is similar to tariff plans provided by wired Internet providers. The difference will only be in the cost and speed of the connection – as a rule, satellite information transmission is more expensive, but, under good conditions, the connection speed is practically unlimited, since each user is directly connected to the satellites.

Unlimited satellite internet

Two-way unlimited satellite Internet: features of the offer

When choosing a provider and a tariff plan, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a one-way and two-way connection type. Their differences are significant:

In general, we can say that a one-way connection dash is not worth ordering. Its positive feature is lower cost compared to two-way connection type, but due to impracticality, many providers no longer provide a one-way data plan.

When is it recommended to connect unlimited internet?

It is possible to connect cheap unlimited satellite Internet for various promotions, but it should be borne in mind that using this type of connection will cost more compared to a wired connection type. There is also a tariff plan that provides for payment for the transmitted information. When should you choose unlimited?

In order to watch movies, download programs, listen to online music every day, you should connect unlimited, since the amount of information transferred will be several hundred thousand kilobytes. When paying for traffic, the costs can exceed the cost of a subscription fee by several tens.

Unlimited satellite internet

However, to view sites without downloading media files, a tariff based on payment for the transmitted information is sufficient. For a country house in which they do not permanently live, just such an offer is suitable.

In conclusion, we note that it is quite important to choose the right provider. There are a huge number of companies operating in Russia that receive an official license to distribute equipment from popular satellite Internet providers. The difference in the services provided will be in the cost of the work performed, the type of equipment installed.

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