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Unusual mobile phones, smartphones, cases


Almost all modern smartphones are very similar not only in their functions and characteristics, but also have a monotonous design. Standard rectangular shapes, a minimum of buttons. The difference in design is so insignificant that you can only determine the phone model by the manufacturer’s logo.

The constant competition of manufacturers comes down to increasing processor power, screen resolution and memory capacity. Appearance, in turn, changes to a minimum (small stylization of the case and smooth corners). In this situation, consumers seek to stand out from the gray mass by purchasing unusual mobile phones with a unique design.

The most unusual mobile phones

Ever since the oldest telephone was invented, developers unwilling to conform to conventional wisdom have designed phones with unique features:

  • Kambala is a transformable phone-earphone. The unique phone with the intriguing name Kambala has a number of interesting features. A light press on the center of the phone pops out the speaker. After a simple movement, the phone is put on the ear like a regular earpiece. The developers used a multilayer polymer in the case design, which perfectly protects the internal components from external factors. The second amazing feature is that the phone changes its color depending on the lighting and the environment. The function is implemented by means of special sensors located on the screen, with their help the image is transmitted to the case.
  • LG Traveler. Andrew Zheng designed the slider with a completely unique design. The original concept was embodied in angular forms with rubber inserts, which exclude slipping of the phone in the hand. LG Traveler also falls into the category of the most unusual phones due to the high-quality implementation of the physical keyboard in combination with a touch screen.
  • ThePacket is a foldable phone. Another masterpiece of design from EmirRifat, a mobile phone that can be folded into a 5×5 cm square, each of the four flaps is a double-sided touch screen.
  • NokiaFit is a ring phone. The original and unusual phone is made in the form of a ring. Fully implemented the ability to make calls. The waterproof case is made of rubber and durable silicone.
  • Cobalt. Holographic future from MacFunamizu. The original metal frame functions as a body, and the unique transparent display is able to create realistic holograms.
  • Yuxa is an ecophone. The theme of ecology is always relevant, and the development of the Mexican designer Veronica Eugenia Rodriguez Ortiz will definitely appeal to all fans of eco-style. The concept of a mobile phone, made in the form of a beautiful bracelet made of environmentally friendly materials, is characterized by a combination of aesthetics and technical minimalism.

Unusual mobile phones, smartphones, cases

Unusual smartphones

Standardization continues to reign in the mobile technology market, so unusual smartphones attract the attention of users at first sight, but not all of them fall into the TOP 10 best smartphonesbecause such innovations are not cheap:

  • SharpAquosCrystal. Smartphone with impeccable appearance. Very thin bezels around the edges of the display create the illusion of a solid image. The front camera is originally located at the bottom of the smartphone. The absence of speakers is also striking, the Smart Sonic Receiver Technolog bone conduction technology is used. Smartphone from Sharp is rightfully considered one of the best models of 2014, with a catchy design and interesting specifications.
  • Oppo N3. Many people remember the famous SamsungX600 with a PTZ camera. OppoN3 implements a similar technology, with the camera rotated by a special motor developed by the German company Schneider Kreuznach. The functionality of the camera is unrivaled: automatic panoramic shooting, camera control by swipe on the screen, as well as remote control using Bluetooth technology are possible. The design looks quite original and will definitely appeal to lovers of everything unusual.
  • YotaPhone/2. An interesting development will definitely appeal to fans of reading from a smartphone screen. The second display, made using E-link technology, does not cause eye fatigue and saves battery power perfectly. The monochrome touch screen can display most everyday applications that do not require color and fast frame changes. And the peculiar appearance of the model from Russian developers will definitely attract the attention of others.

Unusual mobile phones, smartphones, cases

  • Samsung Edge. A flexible display, one of the promising developments, has found its way into Samsung’s flagship model. The curved edge of the screen was perfect for displaying the notification bar, allowing for a new interface. The idea is interesting, how much users will like it, the sales graph will show.
  • LG G Flex and Samsung Galaxy Round. Another implementation of the flexible display concept from the flagships of the Korean IT industry. The main difference is the direction of the fold: LG is vertical, Samsung is horizontal. Each of the options is good in its own way, but users are expecting more, such as unusually shaped phones that can be bent in half.
  • ProjectAra. Modular design allows you to implement almost any smartphone design. You can freely change displays, cameras, batteries and communication modules. According to the developers, in the future it is possible to replace individual modules with more technically advanced samples.

Fancy phone cases

Manufacturers of mobile phone accessories, in a highly competitive environment, seek to gain market share by releasing unusual phone cases and using non-standard materials:

  • Case-game. An original development for puzzle lovers. The labyrinth built into the rear panel will allow you to pass the time in public transport, remembering popular childhood games.
  • PocketBookCoverReader. An e-reader case designed specifically for owners of the popular Samsung Galaxy S4. The original concept is distinguished by a carefully thought-out implementation. The case has a microUSB port for connecting your smartphone. Thus, two-way communication between the case and the smartphone is provided, which allows the user to read downloaded books on the E-link screen. Also, the cover performs its direct functions – it reliably protects the phone from external factors.
  • Case for HTC One M8. The original perforated model from the manufacturer that allows you to receive calls, view the calendar, weather forecast and time without opening the case. The owners of the popular smartphone will certainly appreciate the convenience and practicality of the model.

Unusual mobile phones, smartphones, cases

  • QuickWindow by LG. The cover is fully adapted to the specially designed QuickView UI interface. In a special window, you can view weather information, manage the player, alarm clock, messages and calls.
  • Samsung S View Cover. A similar model for Samsung owners, the difference lies in some design elements and slightly less functionality.
  • Covers for girls. This is a separate category for beauties who love soft toys and other “cute" things. The cover, made in the form of a teddy bear, will surely please the beautiful half of humanity, and will perfectly cope with the main task – protecting the phone. Also popular are the original silicone "bumpers", stylized as all kinds of bunnies and rabbits. These models are very popular and are often chosen as a gift. Moreover, the protective functions are fully consistent with standard models.

Choosing unusual mobile phones and accessories, you can not only emphasize your individuality, but also see for yourself the level of development of modern technologies that make it possible to realize the most fantastic dreams.