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Useful gadgets for the car and motorists


Modern cars are increasingly "stuffed" with various electronic devices. At the same time, some created devices very rarely become useful to drivers. On the other hand, there are such useful gadgets for the car and motorists that those, in whatever country this happens, use them with pleasure.

Car gadgets useful in every way


This device has been around for a long time. The number of video recording cameras on Russian roads is increasing every year. Few people will like it if they receive a photo of their own car and a violation message in the mail. The radar detector allows you to save decent money, and for dashing drivers it can pay off in just a few months after purchase. The most effective anti-radar turns out to be for long-distance crossings. On the motorway and on other people’s streets in other cities, it allows you to significantly reduce the amount of fines.


This gadget is also desirable to have in the car, as it captures the facts of arbitrariness on the road. And do not think that the only source of such arbitrariness are other drivers, often cutting or trying to slip in front of you at a red light. There is, unfortunately, the arbitrariness of the traffic police. Indeed, without a DVR, you will not prove your case in any situation, even if you are actually right. And when they see such a device, law enforcement officers quickly lose interest in you in such a situation. Choosing a DVR is a responsible matter, so you don’t need to buy the first one that comes across in the store.


It is simply necessary in a metropolis. Who among us has not looked for some street, which sometimes even the locals are not too familiar with. And when traveling to a foreign city, the navigator simply becomes a salvation. After all, it indicates your location with an accuracy of several meters. You do not have to carry atlases or maps with you, which you still need to be able to understand, so be sure to find out which navigator is better to buy in order to always be aware of your movement.


Necessary gadgets for a car also include parking sensors that help with parking, and it can be installed behind and in front of the car. It makes parking much easier. Sound parktronics begin to beep louder as they approach an obstacle, and graphic models not only signal with sound, but also display the distance to the object on the display.

Rear view camera

This device is not only convenient, but also become universal. There are, for example, wireless models where the camera can be attached to the back of the car (trunk lid), and a monitor resembling a navigator is placed on the front panel or windshield. Thanks to this, you can see what is happening behind the car, for example, when it is parked.

These gadgets for cars can be attributed to the most necessary. There are many more, without which it is easier to live:

  • Charging for a mobile phone, of course, does not hurt, but it turns out to be needed only from time to time.
  • Rear driver alerts – a smiling or angry face on the rear window, reminding him to keep his distance.

Therefore, you need to choose gadgets wisely, not turning the car into a twinkling Christmas tree, but pursuing only purely utilitarian goals.

Useful gadgets for the car and motorists

The latest interesting gadgets for motorists

Cover massager for the driver’s seat

This accessory is also designed for motorists who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Regardless of the age of the driver “chained" to the steering wheel, his legs gradually begin to numb, regardless of the comfort of his seat. Not only severely numb legs suffer, but also the back. To help the driver get rid of such unpleasant and even painful sensations, a massage case was created, supplied with various options, depending on the goals of the manufacturers. The most advanced models of car covers with massage functions are those that can additionally massage the neck muscles. With a power source for them, everything is simple – they can be connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

Device "Antison"

It is known to every trucker. If the latter begins to fall asleep, then the concentration of his attention and reaction are significantly weakened and the driver needs a mandatory rest. In order to prevent the driver from falling asleep while driving and to secure driving, such a device was created by the well-known manufacturer DriveAlert. As soon as the driver’s eyelids begin to close, the device works and wakes him up. Outwardly, it somewhat resembles a Bluetooth headset, which is conveniently inserted into the auricle. The principle of operation of this gadget is very simple: a falling asleep person begins to tilt his head in one direction or another, and the device, reacting to this, begins to squeak disgustingly, driving away sleep from the trucker.

Useful gadgets for the car and motorists

car valet

Among others, there are gadgets for female motorists. The car valet is one of them. However, quite experienced autoladies cope quite confidently even without an automatic valet. Such a device will greatly help novice motorists, as well as those drivers who, during rush hours, experience serious difficulties when trying to park in a very limited space. This is a rather unique device, which in its capabilities has gone further than the parking sensors. The French company Valeo ventured to create such a device, and it turned out to be the best model of an automatic valet, called "Park4U". This device works completely automatically and requires no driver intervention at all. This is a very useful device that calculates the size of a parking space by comparing it with the dimensions of a parked car.

"Wonder Screen"

This could be called the following device, with which you can view the so-called "blind zones". This component of safe driving on the roads is still very important, and perhaps has become even more important as there are even more cars on the roads. It is very easy for the driver to get into an accident with such a movement, and with the help of this device it is easier to avoid it. Many cars are equipped with a universal system in which a monitor is mounted directly on the windshield, showing a picture that is transmitted to it by cameras located on the car body. This system allows you to view the surroundings of the car in any direction, which has a positive effect on traffic safety.

Night-vision devices

Quite a lot of car owners put such devices in the car, and there are reasons for that. For example, with the help of the NightVision device, it will become much easier to drive a car at night. But this is not its only plus. On the car body, you can install a camera that displays a clear image of what is happening around even at night. With such a camera, it will become almost impossible not to notice a careless pedestrian or a gaping cyclist.

Useful gadgets for the car and motorists


An absolutely fantastic gadget has already been tested – an autopilot for a car, which has become a real revolution in the field of automobile movement. This device uses Google maps, thanks to this, a car equipped with it can completely independently, without the participation of a driver, move along the streets of cities, performing all the usual actions for this:

  • keep a distance of movement;
  • respond to traffic signals;
  • turn in the right direction.

Keychain for finding keys

Motorists are offered another curious device – a keychain for finding keys. With this device, the car owner can get rid of the fear of accidental loss of keys. Many are familiar with the situation when in the morning you need to hurry somewhere, but the keys to the car, as luck would have it, are not found. To help in their search, special key fobs were created that react to a loud sound. And then an improved modification was created – a key fob communicator, with which you can start the car at a distance, open the trunk and door locks.

These gadgets in the car are just a part of an impressive collection of car accessories that are designed to make driving on the roads safer and easier for the driver to drive. Every year more and more cars “come out” on the roads, which inexorably entails an increase in the risk of various accidents and road accidents. Electronic assistants are needed precisely for the fact that the driver is not able to notice due to certain limitations of his position.