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Ways to connect a TV to a computer through a router


Today it has become very popular to connect a TV to a computer through a router. This popularity is explained by the fact that watching new movies in good quality from TV is much better. And just to work, a large screen is more suitable.

How to connect a TV to a computer via Wi-Fi?

To organize wireless communication (we are talking about the ability to connect a TV to a computer over a network), first of all, it is necessary that special Wi-Fi modules are built into these two devices, and they also need to be connected to each other in one local network via Wi -Fi router. One of the mandatory requirements for a TV is the presence of technology such as DLNA. Simply put, this is a set of special standards, without which multimedia exchange will not be possible. You can find out the availability of this function in the technical documentation of the equipment.

Ways to connect a TV to a computer through a router

The connection steps are as follows:

  • go to the basic settings of the TV;

  • find the "Network" section;

  • open the "Network settings" item;

  • you will see a list of network connections, you also need to click on the item "Wireless connection";

  • Click on your personal Wi-Fi network from the list.

  • install and run it on a PC;

  • then go to the TV settings, those folders with file filler will also be available there.

Thus, you will be able to view PC files by launching them from the TV screen. And also do not forget that it is very quick and easy to connect the TV to the computer via usb.

How to connect a TV to a computer via a network cable?

Cable connection is possible only if there are three main points:

Watch a video on how to connect a TV to a PC through a router.

The essence of the work in this case is to perform the following actions:

And also, if you wish, you can even connect the TV to a windows 10 computer, but the scheme of work in this case will be slightly different.

How to connect TV to computer directly?

Many people like it more when they connect the TV to the computer directly. The scheme of operation is almost the same as with a wireless connection. So, in such cases, you should:

Ways to connect a TV to a computer through a router

Follow the prompts to choose the options that are important to you and that your personal provider can provide. Despite the high popularity of this particular method, one should not forget that if you use a cable from a router for this purpose, then you can get rid of various settings during operation. 

Very often during the connection there are various problems with sound. If you are faced with such a problem, then experts recommend performing a number of the following actions:

Other popular connection options

In addition to the above methods, there is another one – through S-VIDEO. If your TV does not have HDMI or VGA outputs, then there is no need to be upset, because you can use such an option as S-Video. Basically, on a PC, this connector is located on the rear panel, and to connect directly to a TV, this can only be done using the SCART connector.

Ways to connect a TV to a computer through a router

To use this method, you must have:

  • S-Video cord;
  • appropriate SCART adapter – audio / video;
  • cord called "Two Tulips" for sound.

The stages of the work itself consist of the following actions:

Also, we should not forget about the existence of different adapters, using which you can transfer a picture with different outputs, for example, more modern VGA-HDMI. But, keep in mind that the price of such devices bites, but the picture quality is worth it.

Thus, we can conclude that there are quite a few different options for connecting a PC to a TV. The choice of method depends on the connectors and cables that come with such devices.