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Ways to enable incognito mode in Mozilla Firefox


Incognito mode in Mozilla is very typical in this browser. Any user can easily turn it on and be on the Internet without leaving any traces behind. Of course, you can do it differently – clear cookies, logs, and history yourself, but this will take a lot of time, and using incognito saves not only time, but also effort. Because browsing histories, downloads are never saved, and cookies automatically disappear after closing. Only one thing remains – bookmarks, as well as program settings. In addition, visited forums and social networks also register the location of the user.

Features of the mode in Mozilla

When Mozilla is used by several users at once, then you have to hide your browsing history or other computer data accumulated by the browser. However, it is not necessary to clean all this at the end of each session, especially when there is Firefox’s incognito mode, which is considered the best known all over the world. Therefore, to connect it, you must enter the "tools" tab and in the menu that appears, find the "start private browsing" sub-item or use the Ctrl + Shift + P button combination. A window immediately opens where the user has the opportunity to see a special notification.

This task is very easy, you just need to carefully understand this, especially if you want to maintain privacy so that the sites visited by the user cannot be reflected in the history of this browser.

Incognito mode properties in Mozilla

Without a doubt, it is incredibly tempting that after visiting websites, absolutely nothing remains in the history of visits. In addition, Mozilla’s incognito mode has some additional properties:

Watch a video about incognito mode in popular browsers.

When the user is in Mozilla incognito, a special window is immediately visible, located in the upper right corner. And in order to complete it, you just need to close everything. However, if nothing of the kind is visible, therefore, the program, as before, will work in its normal state. Also, you should always pay attention to the fact that incognito works only in the created private window. If you return to the main window, then all information will be saved again.

And we should never forget that the incognito mode for Mazilla is distributed only in this program, thus, it allows you to hide your own visit from the views of other people.

Ways to enable incognito mode in Mozilla Firefox

How to enable incognito mode in Mozilla?

Before you enable incognito mode in Mozilla, you need to decide which one is needed. Because in this program there are two types of them:

  • Constant, which is used in the case of applying this program on a continuous basis. To connect, do the following:

  • temporary, used in cases where quick activation is allowed, as well as further shutdown, which is a very convenient thing. Especially when you are at someone else’s computer, and you need to enter several necessary sites, but at the same time leave no traces behind.

Ways to enable incognito mode in Mozilla Firefox

To connect the installed mode, you should pay attention to the fact that it highlights two common connection methods that can be connected using:

  • entering a combination of special keyboard buttons: Ctrl+Shift+P. A private window will open. And to stop it, you just need to restart the program. After that, all changes will take effect, and open bookmarks will work privately;
  • program toolbar. To connect Mozilla firefox incognito, you need to turn on the menu, and then click on the "private window", where in the upper right part you can see a special icon with a mask, so you can always understand that the user is currently in private mode.

But the main thing is that it is very easy to enter incognito mode, you just need to know some nuances in order to be able to cover your tracks. And then everything will work out. Moreover, this can be found not only in Mazilla, but also in various other programs. The best of them is considered incognito mode in Google, which is the most convenient option that makes it possible to work in a separate window. Moreover, newly opened pages are never saved and can be turned on with the keys: Ctrl + Shift + P.

In addition, in addition to a computer, privacy can be opened even on a phone. To connect this incognito mode in the phone, you need to open the Internet window, and then click on the button, which is located at the top right corner. The hat is all the tabs in the browser that are open normally. You just need to go to the tab with the mask image to enable private browsing. After that, click on the "+" and enter the address of the site or request. The information will not be saved, and to exit incognito, you need to close the tabs and click on the desired icon.

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