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We go to the hardware store, armed with knowledge – how to choose a hair clipper?


It is quite difficult to choose the right hair clipper so that you do not get disappointed in its work and do not overpay extra money. Especially if you have no experience in hairdressing at all. This short article will help you not to get confused in the types of devices and technical parameters.

Types of hair clippers

Hair clippers differ in their power and design types. So, consider all types to decide which one is right for you.

pendulum models

The design of this type of device is very simple. They are usually quite cheap, because they are outdated and not popular. But, if you don’t know how to choose a hair clipper, and you are offered to purchase a pendulum model, hide the money in your wallet: the saved rubles are not worth the hassle using such a device.

Battery Models

Lightweight, comfortable and quiet. They can work both from the mains and from the battery. The maximum power is about 12 watts.

A great option if you do not plan to use the machine as the main professional tool for working in the salon. Just do not forget that the battery of the device must always be charged, otherwise the motor will not develop the required rated power. Accordingly, the knives will move more slowly, which will affect the quality of the haircut.

Vibration Models

How to choose a hair clipper? For the home, a vibration model is ideal. The principle of operation of this design is based on the electromagnetic attraction of elements. Food is carried out from the alternating current main. The minimum power is 9 W, the maximum is 15 W.

Rotary models

Professional hairdressing hair clippers. They have the highest power (from 20 W to 50 W), are equipped with special motor air cooling systems, so they can work without interruption for a long time. They cost, respectively, an order of magnitude more expensive than battery and vibration ones.

Pay attention to the following options

From the descriptions of the types of devices, you have probably already formed a rough idea of ​​​​how to choose a hair clipper. Do you want professional? Buy a rotary. For home use? Battery or vibration. However, there are a few more parameters that you should pay attention to when buying a machine. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Feeding method

Some models run on AC power only, some run on battery power only. Choose for yourself which way of feeding the machine will be more convenient for you personally. It may be worth buying a compromise model, in which both the battery and the power cord are included.

Number of hair length settings

The greater the range of hair length settings available for cutting, the better. They usually range from 1 mm to 41 mm. Sometimes there are models that can shear up to 0.5 mm. You choose.

The material from which the knife blades are made

The most important criterion for choosing a hair clipper is the quality of the material from which the knives are made. It should only be stainless steel. Additional processing, special coating (titanium, carbon, teflon, etc.) is welcome.

Number of nozzles

Hair clippers must be made of high quality material. Choose the number of nozzles according to your taste. For some, two or three is enough, for others, ten is enough. A convenient thing is retractable nozzles, the length of which can be adjusted. And they take up less space, and the functionality is high.

Ease of cleaning

Do not forget that you will have to clean the machine regularly. This means that the knives should be relatively easy to remove. If, in order to simply shake out the hair that has clogged between the blades, you have to unwind half of the body, it’s worth considering: do you need such a machine at all?

Dimensions and weight of the device

Everything is simple here: it will be inconvenient for you to cut your hair with a bulky heavy machine. Therefore, before rushing to the checkout of a household appliance store with a box, try holding the device in your hands.

Blade frequency

The higher this indicator, the easier and faster the move of the machine. So, it will be easier and more convenient for you to cut your hair.