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Website promotion secrets


While inexperienced beginners are trying to invent their own secrets of site promotion, venerable webmasters are bringing sites to the top of the ratings with long-established methods. They also have to constantly come up with something new and take many actions in order to beat the vigilant competitors. Therefore, it makes no sense to hope that after just a couple of months of work and modest financial investments, it will be possible to promote your own site to the top, although competent self-promotion of sites can also give a positive result.

A few simple rules can help promote the site, if only they are not forgotten.

Semantic core

Without it, it is impossible to even start promotion. The webmaster must submit requests for which the resource needs to be promoted, and based on the databases compiled by himself, he must form relevant pages. For this purpose, services have been created for searching for keywords, with the help of which you can select queries for free. These keys must be inserted into the texts, but in such a way that their concentration does not exceed 5-7 percent.

Quality content

Website promotion secretsWebmasters are now encouraged to focus on the quality of the content. After all, the updated search engine algorithms can already distinguish many cheats and are able to filter out ballast. In order for users to find the site through search engines, the articles on it must be optimized:

  • The name should resemble the person’s request and be clearly articulated. For example, “Site optimization" is better than “Who wants to know how to optimize a site, look here.” A page with a second title will be harder to promote, so there will be fewer visitors coming from search engines.
  • Key queries should be repeated in the text, and the first of them should be present in the first hundred words.
  • It is advisable to insert a unique drawing into the text or come up with a good name for it.
  • If the word “promotion” was used in the title, then in the text of the article it is better to use synonyms or modified phrases.

Site optimization

Behavioral factors

This includes not only traffic, which search engines attach more importance to recently. They evaluate the visitor’s time spent on the site, his actions, transitions between pages, etc. It is not easy to keep people on the resource, but it is even more difficult to cause them to internal transitions.

Mobile version of the site

This is not about a separate application, but its adaptation so that it is displayed correctly on most smartphones. This task is also not easy, but the money and time spent will quickly pay off.

Video about the secrets of website promotion

Internal optimization

All elements of the site must be perfectly configured so that search engines take it as a quality resource. Full internal optimization means a number of actions: from making linking between pages to improving the interface. In order for the site to keep up with competitive resources, it is necessary to take into account any little things.

External mentions of the site

Link Mass

After the appearance of Minusinsk and Penguin, many webmasters relegated the purchase of links to the background, but they continue to be the main ranking factor, so you should not completely abandon them. It is only necessary to reconsider the strategy for acquiring link mass, to approach it more selectively, focusing not on quantity, but on quality. The right link acquisition policy reduces risks.

To promote a resource, it is worth purchasing links with anchors that need to be promoted, for example, like this:

  • "Order site promotion";
  • "how to promote a site";
  • "website promotion".

The higher the indicators of the site that sells links and the more clearly its theme is traced, the better the link works. It is better to promote not only the main page, but also secondary ones. The site should use fewer external links and close those that transfer weight (like in the footer or footer of the site).

Social networks

Website promotion secretsRepresentatives of search engines admit that the indicator of search engines is not taken into account because of its "noise". But the same links from social networks are also useful, allowing, at a minimum, to collect additional traffic. Moreover, posting them on Odnoklassniki, VKontakte and other social networks is free, and communities can be created to involve the target audience.

Effective Advertising

Experienced optimizers who know the secrets of website promotion know that contextual advertising ordered through search engines has a beneficial effect on promotion. It also adds traffic. It is not necessary to apply only to Adwords or Yandex.Direct, other advertising networks will do, in which the prices are lower. This is necessary for the growth of attendance, which is also taken into account when ranking.

Think better or spy on others?

Competitor analysis

Any professional optimizer tries to do the job better than competitors. You can not invent something, invent something new, but spy on the competitor’s website the type of the proposed page. After evaluating all the pros and cons of what you saw, you can already plan your own article. You don’t have to make it perfect, just make it better than the competition.

Fresh Solutions

Constant support

It is especially worth highlighting a simple, but the most important point – successful webmasters must work hard when developing a resource and understand what is a myth in website promotion, and what is reality – only in this way can success be achieved.

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