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Website promotion: trends in website building


Fashion exists not only for clothes, interior design, car brands and so on. It has not bypassed the electronic space either. A lot has been said and written about what an ideal website should be. Modern site building trends need to be known and taken into account in the work on the promotion of a resource on the network.

Traditionally, website promotion is a painstaking and multi-level process. In order for the portal to stand out from the rest, be useful and work to fulfill the main tasks for which it was created, it is necessary to make it modern. There are several fashion trends regarding the design of portals on the Internet today.

The first is the use of html5 and CSS3. These technologies were put into use a couple of years ago, but they have gained real scope only now. They are able to supplant all other site building tools, since they can single-handedly embody absolutely all the requirements of webmasters, for example, html5 will perfectly cope with the effects that Flash used to fall on.

The second fashion trend is the simplicity of colors. Today, it is considered bad form to spray on many shades, to color the pages of the site, as if with colored felt-tip pens. Conciseness, clear lines, graphics are in fashion, the main trends in web design are modesty, calmness, thanks to which the sites acquire a “relaxed" and spacious look, and nothing distracts the attention of users from important information.

The third rule that the portal must comply with is mobility. Modern users prefer portable devices: these are all kinds of netbooks, tablets, and so on. The resource should look decent on any device, for this you need to adapt it in a special way.

The fourth fashion trend is sensor optimization. The portal, which provides for the management of navigation links not only with a standard computer mouse, but also with a sensor, has a better chance of success. Such a resource looks attractive: convenient large buttons for comfortable pressing, no drop-down menus, and so on, everything is concise, simple and convenient.

Depth of perception is important for modern sites, it is provided by 3D effects. Most often, this technology is used by online stores, where you can see the image of the product you like in three-dimensional form. It’s great if the portal has a high-quality photo instead of a background, but it should fit into the trend of modesty and simplicity of design, too bright colors are unacceptable in modern web design.

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