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What are the types of engines?


All engines used for aircraft and automotive models are divided into compression and glow engines. In compression, the mixture ignites on compression. In this case, high-calorie fuels with a high ability to detonate are used. Glow engines differ from compression engines in that at the time of starting, a voltage of 1.5-3V is supplied to the engine with a glow plug, which is quite sufficient to heat the candle coil. It is she who ignites the working mixture. As soon as the engine has started to operate, the electrical power from the spark plug is turned off. BUT the spiral remains heated due to the high temperature of the gases formed during combustion.

Many people know how difficult it is to properly adjust the glow engine installed on a racing model car. To run it on the court, enrichment of the mixture is required. This is usually done by injecting fuel through the exhaust port. This method leads to the fact that the fuel fills the candle and the model is difficult to start.

Is it possible to enrich the working mixture, and after starting, without stopping the model, set the correct engine operation mode? A device for this purpose was created by modellers of the Leningrad Palace of Pioneers!

Its design includes: a ratchet wheel from a clock mechanism, a ratchet consisting of a forward motor and a latch made of sheet phosphor bronze. The ratchet wheel is soldered to the carburetor nut. The axis is mounted on the frame of the model at a distance of 27 mm, the axis from the needle is parallel to it. The ratchet latch, the forward motor and the antenna are soldered to the sleeve. The return spring is attached to the antenna at one end and to the frame of the model at the other.

When hitting the antenna while the model is moving across the court, the ratchet wheel should turn 1.5-2mm. The carburetor needle will move, the composition of the working mixture will change.

Compression engines include rhythm, pace-1, mk-12v, mk-16; to incandescent – such as a comet, a meteor.

Recommended fuel compositions for compression engines (composition percentages by volume):

1 Castor oil-28%, technical kerosene-50%.

2 Castor oil – 17%, anesthetic ether – 23% (by volume), solar oil – 60%.

3 Castor oil-28%, anesthetic ether-42%, technical kerosene-28%, amyl nitrite-2%.

The first two types of fuel can be used for non-critical launches, and the third one for competitions. But you can use your own mixtures.

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