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What can be online storage for photos?


Photo storage is of interest to many users of the World Wide Web for free, since a standard hard drive, or a solid state drive, sometimes does not provide such impressive space. In addition, the question of where to find a good online image repository is of interest to many professional photographers, since they are far from being limited to the standard thirty-six frames, as it was two decades ago, but in one working day they can create up to several hundred photos, which are also required. store somewhere. And some photographers manage to make up to several thousand high-resolution images a day, which simply cannot be placed on a home or work personal computer. It is for such situations that an online image repository was created.

There is a fairly impressive list of resources that are an online photo repository, but there are not so many free and well-known ones. They are:

  • Dropbox.
  • Cloud
  • Yandex disk (Yaddisk).
  • Google cloud storage.

Cloud Storage Dropbox

A specific cloud storage is not the most capacious – here users are provided with only two gigabytes of space. This is extremely small, but the direct interface and the capabilities of a particular resource are quite up to par. Moreover, it has an extremely simple registration procedure.

In addition, a specific resource allows you to bring new users through referral links, thereby obtaining additional personal space, for which you do not need to pay a fee. Due to its long existence, such cloud storage was able to ensure that data confidentiality is at a sufficiently high level. In addition, it is possible to choose two site formats – computer modification and modification for mobile devices.

What can be online storage for photos?

Cloud storage from

A particular feature in the ubiquitous e-mail appeared relatively recently – only three years ago. At that time, the cloud from Mail was the most spacious – each user is provided with about a hundred gigabytes of free space. At the initial stage of functioning, there were quite a lot of errors and malfunctions, however, the specialists of the team were able to fix them and now cloud-based Mail works virtually flawlessly.

See in the video below what types of cloud storage are.

In addition to the standard ability to store images, text documents, and other things, the Mail cloud provides its own users with the ability to watch videos online on a computer, or from a phone. At the end of 2014, it was possible to expand its own storage to one terabyte, but after that such an opportunity was eliminated due to technical reasons for insufficient server volumes. To become a happy owner of such a storage, it is enough to register in the mail.

What can be online storage for photos?

Cloud storage Yandex Disk (Yaddisk)

Cloud storage from Yandex provides its users with the following list of services and features, and also has the following limitations:

Google photo and cloud storage from Google

At a particular point in time, this is the most generous offer on the Internet for storing images. Since 1015, Google Photos has provided unlimited storage options and does not limit the amount of storage for photos that do not exceed sixteen megapixels in their own size. For all other files, the provided space is limited to fifteen gigabytes.

What can be online storage for photos?

Moreover, earlier a similar restriction was introduced for all photos whose dimensions exceed four megapixels. For those who think that sixteen megapixels is not enough, it should be borne in mind that photographs that were taken with a reportage SLR camera from Nikon have such a resolution. But the most popular mirrorless cameras from Sony, which are considered the height of technical thought, have a resolution of only twelve megapixels. So sixteen megapixel images are extremely high quality images. As part of the interface of a particular cloud, it is possible to subject your own images to some changes – the site provides a sufficient number of basic filters for processing photos and images.

Among other things, Google Photos provides the ability to store video files with a resolution of 1080, that is, full FullHD. According to many users of the world wide web, cloud storage for photos and other images from Google is the best at a particular point in time.

In order to get at your disposal an infinite space for storing images with a resolution of up to sixteen megapixels, as well as 15 gigabytes for all other needs, you just need to become the owner of a mailbox on Google Mail and go through a standard registration. In the event that such mail is registered, cloud storage of images is provided automatically to each owner of the mailbox.